Playstation Network Rewards Piling Up

I’ve been using the Playstation Network ever since I got my PS3. It started out rather slow compared to the competition since it had a really slim lineup as well as poor performance. I remember always looking a the other side in envy. But all that is in the past.
Since then, Sony has done a lot of smart moves with their online platform. It’s faster, has better content, the layout has gotten better (this one is very important especially when the library of content gets bigger). My favorite has always been these things:
1. Playstation Plus – Sony’s premium service. For $50 a year, Sony gives you so much like free games and huge discounts on other content as well as early access to some games. They give away around 4-6 games a month. And these are not your crapware, these are full games that are on retail.
2. Regular Sale – On top of Playstation plus, they also have regular sale on their software. I always get excited when there is a new announcement every Monday on what the sale lineup will be.
3. Rewards – Recently they came up with some rewards to encourage me from spending money, and so far it has worked out (screenshot above).
4. Ecosystem – Earlier in the year, they just finally included the Vita into their sale and discount lineup, so hurrah for that. At least we know that each of their systems will integrate nicely with the store.
I think that Sony is bringing out all the guns to get folks like me invested in the network so that I won’t switch to another system. It’s working.
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