Random Food Trips. Of Donuts, Pizza, Chips and Sola

I like going out and buying or trying random stuff especially if it’s food that looks good. Here are the new stuff I tried out in the last few weeks.
First up are the Cookie Butter donuts from Gonuts Donuts. I think these are new on their menu and they’re quite good. A bit on the sweet side, but still very satisfying. There are fewer branches now, but SM Makati still has one.

Next is the Four Cheese Pizza from Blushing Cupcakes. I was surprised to see pesto on it since I’m not really a fan of that (nor was it described on the menu). I liked most of the pizza, but not the parts with pesto. This establishment also sells, obviously, cupcakes which are quite good. They have a branch in Ortigas home depot near Starbucks.
Next up are Cassava Chips called Qtela Singkong. I cannot remember where I purchased these, but it was definitely inside a supermarket. The chips are quite good, it doesn’t hurt the roof of your mouth even if you eat a lot.
Finally, my favorite Sola. I just love this Apple Green Tea flavor that they have. I always make sure we stock upon this when we go to the supermarket. I just had this yesterday together with pizza and buffalo wings.
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