[Review] Papers Please is a Fun and Free Indie Game (for now)

Looking for a different game experience? Papers Please (for PC/Mac) will help to fill in that gap. This is nothing like the normal games that I play on a regular basis so I found it quite interesting. Is it for you? Read on.

Papers Please is made by indie developer Lucas Pope which he calls a “Dystopian Document Thriller”. Set in the early 1980s, you play the role of an immigration officer for a fictional communist state of Arstotzka. Your job: to make sure that no illegal immigrants or visitors enter the country.
Think the job of an immigration officer is easy? Think again. The game starts you out with easy tasks like looking at the passport and making sure that everything is in order like the gender, expiration date, matching faces. When you’re done checking, you either put an “Approved” or a “Declined” stamp on their visas.
At the end of each day you are given a salary (points) based on your performance which you use to pay for things like rent, food or medicine for your sick son. These are automatically deducted and you don’t really have control over it. You are penalized if you make mistakes of approving someone who didn’t have the right papers or declining someone who did. Naturally, as the game progresses (stages are in terms of days), your tasks become more difficult. New requirements pop up like immigrants need special IDs or workers need working permits which means you have more things to check before you bring the verdict.
Later on there are other factors that come into play, an example I encountered would be a woman who will tell you that there is someone in line who is a human trafficker. Obviously when the person eventually shows you his documentations, everything is in order. Now you have to assess if you ignore the woman and let him pass: potentially pimp these ladies or detaining this person based only from hear-say. That’s just one example, there are others like terrorists or spies who will be harder to spot.
Overall, Papers Please is a fun game that you can enjoy if you’re tired of mindless games and want something that needs observation and analytical skills. It’s currently in beta so you get it all for the price of free. It is available from his website.

UPDATE: I've been asked this, but the game isn't done yet. It's just in beta now. 
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