Spec Ops: The Line Hit a Nerve During My Play through

I just finished playing Spec Ops: The Line (PC, PS3, XB) and I’m not exactly sure how to feel about it. I’ve played a lot of games over the years and what I’ve noticed is that the bar for storytelling keeps on getting higher. So what makes this game different?
Spec Ops: The Line is a third person shooter where you play the role of Captain Martin Walker (voiced by Nolan North aka Nathan Drake from Uncharted) of Delta force which is a 3 man squad tasked to rescue survivors in Dubai. The mechanics are sound that it plays like any good third person shooter. It’s fun.
*Starting the next part, it may contain story spoilers already so continue at your risk.
The game starts off really strong. I remember just wanting to give the game a little peek then ended up playing for more than an hour. It feels really good to be the badass killing bad guys. Then later on you find out that the folks you’re fighting against are the American soldiers who were initially sent there to save the survivors. Somehow, it felt odd to be fighting against US soldiers when we are so used to being on the same side as them. It was always Russia, Germany or Korea who were the aggressors.
Your character gets ticked off by you having to fight Americans so you see the progression of him becoming more and more obsessed in getting revenge on the enemy commander. One bad decision leads to another and I could really see how this character keeps digging himself into a hole until he fails to see reason and is just bent on revenge.
The ending was done quite well and that was one of the few moments where your character gets a chance to actually choose what to do.
After I put the game down, I had to sit down and rethink the events of what happened to this guy and how he turned from being a super boyscout to obsessed maniac. Overall, I enjoyed playing the game and walked away from it with thoughts of how obsession and pride can turn someone into completely different person over time if left unchecked. It wasn’t the normal “I saved the world” feeling that you get and I am happy to see how far we’ve come.
Here’s hoping for more engaging and thought provoking games.
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