[Strategy Guide] Tips on How to Win in Battle Cats without Catfood

Update: Battle Cats 2 wishlist

Battle Cats (Android/iOS) is not an easy game. It’s fun. But it’s not easy. After you finish the first 48 levels, there’s a new game+ and a new game ++ after that. Each set of levels increases in difficulty as well as the cost of your units. In case you’re having trouble with it, this guide will give you some tips to help you get you through.

Here we go:

General Strategy – For early levels, you can just bum rush the enemy and make spam Giraffe cats. When you start seeing levels with Jackie Peng, start making Beautiful legs cats together with wall cats. Elephants usually will depend on how fast your production is, you can still take them down with beautiful legs cats, but you may also want to start making dragon cats. Anything after that, start making Valkyrie cats to wipe the floor.
Always keep an eye on your tower, if it’s fully charged and you’re in trouble, then use it. If not, then you can save it for when you get overwhelmed by the enemy. Some levels you have to play and see how it goes, then if you cannot beat it, adjust the strategy based on the above.

Don’t summon the God cat – If you haven’t yet, don’t touch the God dude at the back. You want to save this for a later time when you need it. The first time you press this, he gives you a free unli-summon. The next time you want those you need to pay for them with cat food which you can earn a limited number of in-game. If you want more of this you need to pay for it using real human currency.

Upgrade the right units – This sounds like a no-brainer. But here are the units you should be spend your XP on. After new game+ (the second set of 48 levels), the level cap for each unit goes up to level 20, so don’t waste your XP.
  1. Gross/Beautiful legs cat
    • Your main attack cat in almost all levels early on
  2. Tank/Wall Cat
    • Slow down enemy advance and compensate for the Gross/Beautiful legs cat’s slow attack speed
  3. Cow/Giraffe Cat
    • Use this for levels where you’re trying to get the Gold medal
  4. Lizard/Dragon Cat
    • Your main attack cat in levels that have the higher tiered enemies like the elephant, and levels with boss units like bun bun teacher.
  5. Valkyrie/Great Valkyrie Cat
    • The finisher. Once you start pumping these out, it should give you a huge advantage
  6. Cat/Macho Cat
    • You’ll need this in the final level 3-48.
Upgrade the right abilities – This is the other place where you spend your currency. It gets tempting to put points into everything, but make sure you upgrade these first.
  1. Efficiency – faster money production
  2. Tower Attack – stronger tower attack but longer charge
  3. Tower charge time – shorter tower charge
Upgrade Treasures – As you complete levels, you earn treasures. Make sure you keep playing the levels until you get gold medal. Some levels can get frustrating because the game does nothing to try and explain what you’re doing right or wrong. So keep playing until you get them. These are the ones you should aim to achieve first:
  1. Masculinity (Increased money production)
  2. Tradition (Unit production speed increase)
  3. SnowScape (Increased Stamina)
  4. Attractiveness (Attack power increase)
That’s pretty much it! Happy gaming! Hope PONOS gives us Battle Cats 2!

Update: Battle Cats 2 wishlist
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