The Art of Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita) is a game similar to Monster hunter that I have been eagerly anticipating since it was announced last year. No, I wasn’t going to write about cult sacrifices in real life. The game was created by the brilliant Kenji Inafune (the father of Mega Man) so you can’t go wrong with this.

Soul Sacrifice puts you in the role of a sorcerer who fights monsters using magical energy and the mechanic they have been touting is that when someone is about to die, like a monster, you choose whether to save/spare it or to sacrifice it. There are different tradeoffs by doing each which will have a big impact on the battle. Saving it might give you health while sacrificing it may give you more energy you need to cast more powerful spells. The same choice is given to you when one of your allies fall in battle. You can either save or sacrifice them for even more powerful results.
Soul-Sacrifice-Griffon-Enemies Soul-Sacrifice-Cyclops-Enemies
The appeal of the game comes from having to take down monsters with up to 3 other people either online or via ad-hoc in a coffee shop somewhere. I remember the best times I’ve had while on my PSP was playing Monster hunter and since Nintendo has locked that one up for the Gameboy, here’s hoping that Soul Sacrifice will give me the same or better experience. There is a demo coming out tomorrow for it which I am absolutely stoked for. It has been out in Japan for over a month and it has been receiving really high scores.

So while all that gaming time and my impressions and reviews will be to follow, here’s some amazing Soul Sacrifice art that they have been teasing us with. The actual game comes out later this month.
Soul-Sacrifice-Splash-Casting-Spell Soul-Sacrifice-Splash-Fight-Boss Soul-Sacrifice-Team-Fight Soul-Sacrifice-Solitude Soul-Sacrifice-Monsters-Enemies
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