The Mobile Games I’m Playing (4/28/13)

With the industry shifting to mobile, there have been a lot of games that have been made and designed to be played on the go. Here are the ones that I bring with me when I’m not at home… or sometimes I also play when I’m at home.

Candy Crush Saga (Android/iOS - Free)
This game is not fun. Just putting it out there. Ask anyone who has played over 50 levels of this game. I used to think that there was no skill involved, but in higher levels there is a certain level of forward planning that you need to do. What keeps people going is the social aspect of it. There’s just something about passing your friends’ levels that is oddly satisfying.
(Android/iOS – $2)
This game is a dungeon crawler but the twist is that you do a bejweled-like game and what you match translates to the action that your character does. So if you match swords then you attack, match keys and you get keys you use to unlock doors and chests. You will die a lot of times in this game. The character experience and gold is persistent though, so the idea is that you keep playing and keep upgrading your guy until you can further progress.
Pixel Kingdom
(Android/iOS - Free)
An infinite rpg tower defense hybrid. This game is a really good time waster and it’s fun as well. More characters unlock as you go. It was made by an indie developer who is still in college and I am very impressed with it. More about this game in my review.

Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita – Demo is free, Game comes out Apr 30,13 for $40)
If you have a PS Vita, play this game. It is so good! This is a game where you hunt demons. It’s very similar to Monster hunter which I spent hundreds of hours on. I’ve waited for this game for over a year now and it does not disappoint. I’ve poured quite a bit of time into it already… and it’s just the demo I’m playing. I normally just charge my Vita maybe twice a week, but now I charge it everyday.
Guacamelee (PS Vita – $15)
Luchadors! A 2D platformer which plays similar to castlevania but has the puzzle/discovery elements of metroid, hence the term metroid-vania. The gameplay is great, the music is just perfect, and this game is just fun to play. So fun that I got the Platinum by finding all the hidden chests and I had fun doing it.
That’s about it for this month. Next month is going to be Soul Sacrifice all the way. Although Draw something 2 is also on the horizon for Android.

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