Wow! Google Nose Allows You to Download Scents to Your Device

Google Nose-Logo
Technology is awesome. We’ve had computers stimulate our eyes by showing us things we would never see anywhere else. Using computers, we can also listen to music or sounds even if they have happened in the past or anywhere else in the world. One of the senses that a computer doesn’t allow us to use is the sense of smell. Until now, thanks to Google.
Google Nose uses technology that integrates sound and visual rays to generate molecules that stimulate the nose. This enables the user to be able to smell an emulated version of the thing that you are searching for.
The technology is currently in beta and Google has built up quite a database of smells. Just use the Google search then click on the Nose beta button. Google then transmits the smell to your computer. Some setups will work better than others depending on screen resolution and sound quality. I’ve been enjoying doing testing. Now I know how a new car smells like or how the inside of a pyramid would smell. I still have a long list of stuff I want to know the smell of.
Here’s a trailer for the technology. Get those devices and start smelling.

UPDATE: In case you haven't figured it out. This was an April fool's joke.
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