Your Tummy Will Thank You for Atelier 317 from Stephanie Zubiri

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Looking for a great place to have a nice meal? Maybe you have a small party where you want to host? Or maybe you want to cook for your friends but don’t have a kitchen big enough? Look no further. Hidden inside the streets of Makati, there is a little restaurant that serves a mix of Asian and European-influenced food which you will want to try. I had the chance to sink my teeth into it and I was not disappointed.

Atelier 317 is located just near Rockwell Powerplant Mall and is from the mind of master cook, Stephanie Zubiri. This restaurant started off as just a small operations setup and way to use the space that was rented within Palm Village for Stephanie’s catering business. It gained a lot of fame via hearsay but was limited in terms of space so it could only accommodate around 12-14 people at any given point in time. Now she has opened a full fledged restaurant in Makati which can now hold up to around 50 people. You can just go there now without any special reservations.

The 317 at the end is the number of the original address in Palm Village and Atelier means workshop in French which is very fitting since Stephanie works on new recipes together with other chefs here to come up with more and better dishes. I tried figuring out midway through the meal on how to classify this establishment in terms of the food that it serves and failed, so I just asked and Stephanie prefers to call it Mediterr-Asian. But at the end of the meal I really didn’t care since everything was just so good.

Let me say that I am a meat eater and do not enjoy the greener side of things, so if you’re an awesome carnivore like me, these are the dishes you’ll enjoy. Enough talk, here’s the food.
Lamb Gyoza P280
Flamed Kesong Puti Caprese Salad P280
Foie Gras Molo Soup P300
Truffle Mushroom Lasagna P350
US Black Angus Balsamic Beef Adobo (P650 serves 1; P3500 serves 6)
Sri Lankan Black Pepper Chicken P550
Rosemary Mustard Roast Pork Tenderloin P850
Spicy Corn Pasta (they had just come up with this dish, so there wasn't a price yet)
Roasted Banana

Atelier 317 is located near the Powerplant Mall. Coming from Powerplant via Rockwell Drive going to kalayaan, turn right after passing Ateneo/BDO to Palma Drive
Palm Rock Building
6060 Palma cor Osias Street, Poblacion, Makati, MM
Open Monday to Friday 11am to 11pm (last call 10pm) and Saturday 9am to 11pm and Sunday 9am to 4pm
For more information and reservations: call 02-358-0987 or text 0917-830-8393
email: or
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