Catch this Unbelievable Game Sale Before It’s Gone

Every now and then has their crazy sale where they just mark down prices like crazy. This is one of those times, but for digital video games. I’m still undecided on what to get, but this is one sale you don’t want to miss.

This sale covers digital PC games so you download them to your machine and they’re yours forever (or as long as those servers are still running… which they will in the foreseeable future). If you want to get boxed copies then they are also available in the site, just browse around. According to the site, the sale runs up until end of the month, so decide quickly.

You can go directly to their site and browse around, but here are my picks in case you haven’t already played or owned these games. Again, this is on so if you don’t have a US credit card, you can opt to either get one of those online cards that give you a US address, or do it like me and go use the Globe GCash which is a great service.

The Walking Dead ($9.99 – 60% off)
If you like the series, zombies and good games, play this game. From gameplay it’s a normal adventure game that’s pretty straightforward, but it’s the story that gets you. The choices you make determine how the story plays out and how people treat you.

BioShock Dual Pack ($4.99 – 88% off)
BIOSHOCCKKK!!! This covers Bioshock 1 and 2… For 5 bucks! I personally got this for the PS3 though for a bit higher price since I wanted the Minerva’s Den DLC which PC didn’t get. But if you just want to get into Bioshock, then go ahead.

Batman Arkham Dual Pack ($11.49 – 77% off)
Both Arkham games were excellent. Batman beating up bad guys with Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil voicing Batman and Joker respectively. The story is also excellent.

Dead Island ($3.75 – 75% off)
I’ve been meaning to play this game all because of the great intro it had. I heard the gameplay wasn’t all too awesome but the mechanics were fresh so I’d still want to go have a look at it. For the price, it should be worth a look.

Firaxis Complete Pack ($19.99 – 83% off)
This has Civilization 4, Civilization 5 and the new X-com game. Strategy galore. If you hate time and love games, here you go.

Mark of the Ninja ($3.75 – 75% off)
I bought this game a while back but haven’t had the chance to play it. Regardless, this is a really good game from what I’ve heard and read.

There’s more in the sale. Just head on over to their page and shop away.

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