Evil Dead Movie Review (Spoiler - it's good)

Fans of the Evil Dead franchise have been starving for a new entry to the series which has been in hibernation since the early 90s. I have been super stoked about this ever since I heard about the reboot but was quite bummed that it took so long for it to show in the Philippines compared to the US. So was it what I had expected it to be?

You.Should.Watch.Evil Dead. Move your meetings, reschedule your dinner appointments, free up your calendars and just go and watch this movie. I missed going into a theatre and just enjoying a movie end to end. Evil Dead has always revolved around the Necronomicon, the book of the dead. “Bound in flesh and written in blood, it was never meant for the world of the living.” That quote will always play in my head in Bruce Campbell’s voice every time I hear that word. Director Fede Alvarez has done a great job with this.

It’s not any different for this reboot. 5 teenagers go to a secluded house in the woods to try and help their friend control her drug addiction when they stumble upon the Necronomicon <insert quote here>. One of them suddenly awakens a demon while tinkering with the book. It then calls upon a demon that possesses the drug addict, which is a good plot point since it makes the others think that she’s just undergoing withdrawal symptoms rather than being possessed. The demon’s objective is to be able to consume 5 souls before he can bring his dead army to the world. Obviously it’s up to the 5 teenagers to try and stop him.

The cast is comprised of pretty much unknowns. Some of them played some minor roles in other movies. That’s not to say that they did a bad job, they actually play their roles as fresh meat quite nicely here. I have zero complaints about how each one of them portrayed their roles. The jock who is kinda slow on the uptake but not afraid of anything. The nerd who knows a lot but tries his best to be tough. The responsible one who tries to put everything together. The dumb blond who just doesn’t try at all. And finally the wild one who just has to try and save the day.


The Dead
This is the main star of the show. The dead who rise and take over bodies to do mischief. What I liked about the Evil Dead is that they actually have a motivation to kill, which is to claim 5 souls so that their bros can also rise. They are done very well and giving people the scares is well achieved.

This is what a horror movie should be. I walked away from the movie having had a great time without any lingering feeling of dread that other movies in the same genre give you. Given that the original guys, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, were involved, the Evil Dead feel was all about: The camera chase scenes through the woods, the splattering blood (this time without the hose spraying the blood exposed, they’ve come a long way from being a B movie), the semi-goofy ways they kill people, the piercings, the mischievous dead, the chainsaws. Everything just works so well in this movie. The blood, the gore, the special effects, everything. Go watch Evil Dead and have a good time.

Evil Dead shows in Ayala cinemas on May 8. Best part? No.CUTS.

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