I’m Going to Like This Overkill Game

House of the Dead has been a standard first person light gun shooter game for the longest time. People go to that game if they want a mindless shoot em up. The characters are notorious for having zero personality and zero expression in their voices. Until I played this House of the Dead: Overkill game…

I’ve been wanting to play this (originally from Wii) game and I’ve had it for quite a while already installed on my PS3. It’s a light gun shooter so it uses the Playstation Eye and Move. Since I was bored yesterday, I finally booted it up and the first screen I see was below:

D*mn. How did I miss this. I knew I was going to love this game. And I was right. What was supposed to be just a few minutes turned into a few hours. From a gameplay standpoint, it’s a standard shooter that’s just so-so, but what gives it the charm is the presentation.

The game has an early 90s detective cop show feel to it. Each level is presented to be like an episode of a show. There’s a really funny narrator that constantly churns out really cheesy lines, they’re so bad that it’s funny. Then there’s the cast, so far I have only met the 2 cops, Agent G (House of the dead mainstay but here he’s just a rookie) and Agent Washington, then the 2 ladies (whom I can’t remember the names). The way that these guys interact is just so cool. Everything about it is just hilarious.

Oh and best of all, it’s Rated X! Which means it’s no holds barred in terms of foul language, blood and gore. Actually I have no idea what Rated X means, I just assumed that was the case since each episode I’ve played so far has no shortage of cussing and brains exploding.

This game can be played alone or with a friend. You get stronger by upgrading your guns using the money you earn from levels. Then you can replay each episode as much as you want to get higher scores.
This is a poster of an episode in the game. You can see the cheesiness in the subtitle

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