Jennifer Aniston is Back in We're the Millers

We're-the-Millers-Movie-PosterJennifer Anniston has been around for the longest time. I have no idea how old she is but if I had to guess after watching this trailer, I would be wrong. We’re the Millers is a comedy about a made up family who is made up of odd members. Sounds fun?

Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses) stars as a drug dealer who probably is in a bit of a mess so he has to smuggle a moderate amount of drugs across the border from Mexico to the US. In order to at least have a chance to avoid being searched by border police, he tries to assemble some folks as his fake family. Jennifer Anniston (Friends, … come to think of it, Horrible Bosses as well) is a stripper who agrees to playing as Jason’s fake, conservative wife.

Then they also get 2 more folks who will play as their kids. Emma Roberts (Valentine’s Day.. she’s the rebel daughter who almost lost her virginity) plays as the daughter who is a rebel also here in real life.. or real actress life and Will Paulter (sorry, I don’t know any movie he’s been, it says Narnia on his profile though) plays as the son. Together, they are the Millers family.

Looks like the trailer sets everything up pretty nicely. The rest of the movie should just be a wild ride. Of course there will be multiple sexy Jennifer Aniston scenes. That’s what they’re positioning as the main draw I guess based on how this movie has been marketed so far.

We’re the Millers comes out on August in the US. Probably late Aug or Sept in Philippines.

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