LEGO is in Everything... now a Batman Movie

LEGO-Batman-PosterLEGO has been an awesome product that has SHOULD to be part of every kid’s (and adult’s) life. The toys have always captured the imagination of people everywhere and they just keep on getting better and better. I remember getting so excited to go to my friend’s house just so we could play with the LEGO pirate ships. Then they started getting into games, and now movies. And they’re good.

I remember the first licensed LEGO material that I had taken an interest to was LEGO Star Wars. It was just awesome to see an entire setup of battleships and the like in its LEGO form. It was such a hit that all of a sudden, there was LEGO everything. I could never get into collecting it though because of the high price point as well as significant investment for your collection to make sense.

Then they started getting into games like Harry Potter and Indiana Jones which were all fun in a quirky way. They were simple to pick up and play and the $40-60 investment was easy to get into (lower if you wait for sale). Now they’re into movies. I saw the Star Wars LEGO movie with my cousin last year which was so-so, but this one I’m actually a little bit more excited to watch. Still veeeery cautiously optimistic, but hope it’s good.

The storyline focuses on Lex Luthor working together with the Joker to do mischief. Batman, on the other hand, will be joined by the other members of the Justice League for this.

LEGO Batman is direct to video, obviously. Trailer below.

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