My Beagle’s Top Favorite Things

Beagles are pretty demanding. They always seem to want something and they let you know about it with their loud cries and whimpering. They beg. They make you guilty. Beagles do this because they think they can get away with it. And they do. Because they end up getting whatever they want.

Not giving a Beagle what they want when they beg with their droopy eyes is the worst feeling in the world. I try my best not to give in but it’s hard. The bright side is that Beagles are easy to please. Either a game of catch, some pieces of bread or a small toy is enough to keep them happy.

So in my doggie journey, here are the top 10 favorite things that my Beagle likes:

Favorite thing #10 – 2: Doesn’t matter

Favorite thing #1: Water Bowl
For my beagle, this is the magic cup of life that automatically refills when it gets empty. Whenever it’s out of water, he walks away and comes back to check if it has refilled. And to his delight, sometimes it does.

Favorite thing #1: His toys
Beagles love to play. Tug of war or catch or fetch. Dogs in general are fun to play with because you know that they’re always giving it their 100%. These are unforgivable rubber things that absolutely must be chewed on and destroyed.

Favorite thing #1: Food
Beagles love food. It also helps that they have a really sensitive sense of smell. Whenever it’s feeding time, Kimono is always on his best behavior. The sound of dogfood pellets hitting his bowl is music to his ears. Anything in these bowls should be obliterated immediately.
Beagle-Dog-Food-Bowl Beagle-Dog-Food-Pedigree

Favorite thing #1: His bed and cage
This is where Kimono takes the time to chill out during a hot day or after a long day of playing. He is invincible inside his fortress, the closer he gets inside, the louder he barks at strangers.

Favorite thing #1: His leash

Long walks around the park would be his favorite past time. Along with 20 other stuff. When he sees this it means that it’s time for that. Time for master to pick up and collect the precious treasure that come out from his sphincter.

Favorite thing #1: His giver of good things
Of course this is his favorite.

Bottom line is simple, Beagles will love you regardless, so do your part and love them back. If you're looking for a breed of dog, look no further. You can also read about it here.

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