My Top 20 Childhood TV Show Opening Themes (Part 1)

I was an 80’s/90's kid and back then there were a lot of good cartoon and TV shows. I don’t know what has happened since then, but I haven’t seen the same quality in today’s programming for kids. Although the quote “Everything from my childhood was always better” is a something you’ll hear all the time anyway. So TV show opening themes. I remember getting all excited when my favorite shows would play their themes.

Just a disclaimer: this is not my top 20 favorite shows; It’s my favorite TV show opening themes. So thanks to the power of YouTube, I’m able to enjoy these in all their glory any time I want without having to wait once a week!

20 – Saber Rider: This opening theme was cool because it had a guy who rode a cool car and robot horses. This is what wild west in the future would be. That whipping sound is also pretty catchy

19 – Goof Troop: the opening theme to this show was really catchy. I remember having to stay up late during Saturdays to be able to watch this on a US channel back when I was in elementary. I liked the lyrics to this theme as well, “always stick together, best friends forever”

18 – Shaider: If you were an 80’s kid and didn’t know this song then you have lived a very incomplete and sad childhood. This was one of the more awesome show opening themes although no one really knew what the guy was singing about. Maybe something about Shaider being an awesome superhero. Someone made a Tagalog version here. Go Annie kick! BABILOS!!!

17 – Voltes V: LET’S VOLT IN!! This used to sound so wholesome back when this awesome show aired. It was hard not to memorize this song even though it was in Japanese since it plays during the show whenever they’re going to volt in. The enemy that figured out that they can actually interrupt the volting in process was a genius. Too bad these villains don't do a post mortem and actually figure out what works and what doesn't.

16 – Inhumanoids: The evil the lies wiiiithin! I so wanted to like this show. The problem was that the TV stations always mess it up and never air the right episodes in order so I never knew what was going on. The theme is still cool. Iiiinhumanoids, inhumanoids. I'm still not decided on whether the english version or the tagalog dub is better. "O tara na Medlar! Tendrils!"

15 – Darkwing Duck: This was another show that I had to stay up late to watch. I never knew what the lyrics were saying since it always goes so fast. But it’s catchy. The show’s not half bad either.

14 - X-men: I was collecting X-men trading cards and comics at the time and it was pretty awesome to see all of them come to life in this animated series. It was pretty cool seeing them all run around in the opening theme.

13 – Sonic the Hedgehog: This isn’t the goofy version that where Robotnik had that chicken and tank as sidekicks. This is the serious version. This was back when Sonic was still relevant. One of the few video game cartoons that was actually good back then. 

12 – Swat Kats:  This was an awesome cartoon with an awesome opening theme. Since I had classes on Saturday, the only times when I was able to watch this was when it was vacation time, there was a typhoon or people were protesting about something in Malacanang.

11 – The Simpsons: Of course this was on the list. On its bazillionth season. I remember being allowed to stay up late to watch this once a week. It’s awesome how there are subtle changes in each of its openings per episode. This particular one embedded has a particularly long intro scene.

10 down, 10 to go. I had so much fun making this post since I got to watch all of these all over again. The top 10 coming up in the next few days. What are your favorites?
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