OMFGDogs is An Awesome Website for Dog Lovers

I just absolutely love this website. It doesn’t get any simpler than just a site with some running dogs. But for some reason, the music and the video is just so mesmerizing. I came to know about OMFGDogs last year and I have been frequenting it every now and then.

OMFGDogs was made by Dan Williams, who according to his website is a 27 year old developer and general tech-enthusiast based in Melbourne, Australia. And he just used some dogs running in a loop coupled with some awesome music. I am always put into a trance state when I load this page up. Questions abound like: Who will win the race? Will the beagle catch up to the pug and the corgi? When will the music end? How long does this go on? I don’t know if those questions will ever be answered, but I will keep going back to this site to find out.

By the name of the site, obviously it’s for folks who love dogs. Cat lovers you can just go see the nya nya cat or something. Or maybe cats playing the piano on Youtube.

So what are you waiting for, head on over to and be amazed.
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