Reasons Why I’m Loving One Piece (And Why You Should Start Watching it)

I regret not having been able to watch One Piece back then, but this is a mistake I’m fixing now. An anime like this doesn’t get to 15 years old and still running without good reason. I started watching last March and just passed the halfway mark through the 500+ episodes. So what makes this show great?

One Piece follows pirate, Monkey D. Luffy, on his journey to become the Pirate King which is the greatest honor that a pirate can get.
  1. It makes me laugh – Genuinely. Not sympathy laughs you give to some shows, this is me getting all cracked up from the jokes and funny ways that the people interact with each other and the dumb stuff that they do to each other as well as to the enemies.

  2. The Characters – All of the main characters are very interesting. Each one has their own motivations as to why they are joining the pirate crew so you understand what drives them. And most importantly, I actually care about what happens to them. Outside of the main cast which is Luffy’s crew, the supporting cast is also interesting. There are little throw away characters. Some minor guys suddenly play pivotal roles later on.

  3. The Story – This is what really makes the show. Since starting in 1997, the storyline hasn’t slowed down. Each storyline is still action packed and very entertaining. There’s always something new and fun for Luffy’s crew to explore. I’m halfway through and I like it because they are starting to add some layers to the characters’ personalities. No longer are they just plain happy go lucky guys, they actually start to encounter conflicts which they have to resolve in some way. I try my best not to look at spoilers but I can’t help looking at other media like games, movies and toys which sometimes give away certain plot points.

  4. The Pacing – They spend a reasonable number of episodes developing the story and doing boss fights. It’s unlike other animes where they spend a bazzilion episodes just to throw a single punch. There are also a small number of filler episodes which is nice.

  5. The Merchandise – This was the thing that drew me to the franchise. The toys just look awesome and they’re everywhere. I have started shopping for the models that I want which is a very dangerous path. I also want to play the PS3 game.

One-Piece-Toys-Merchandise One-Piece-Toys-Arlong
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