Watch and Download Youtube Without Interruptions

All I want when watching my Youtube videos is to actually JUST watch them when I want to without any interruptions from anyone. It used to be like that, but now there are comments, annotations, advertisements, and all sorts of stuff that just makes my watching experience that much less enjoyable. Then I found this Youtube extension.
Youtube Options is a freeware third party extension for browsers that enhance the way you watch youtube videos. How? Let me show you the ways.
  1. Clean interface – Look how clean it is. No suggested videos or Playing next options that sell you on other stuff even before you’ve watched what you want.
  2. Just Video – I want to be able to watch the video just for what it is without having to move my mouse to cancel an ad or close an annotation or comment.
  3. Download options – One click downloads. No need to use other sites or applications or even rummaging through the browser caches to look for the file. it’s all here, with just a click of a button. Note: for the chrome version, you need to side load this directly from the Youtube options website
  4. Video options – You have a flurry of other options to choose from like what default size do you want all your videos to start playing on, or automatically pause the video and just let it load, or just removing everything in the screen and just show you the video itself.
  5. Go back any time – Clicking some buttons reveals the original options that matter like the embed options or the share options.
There’s still plenty of other options that I have not really tinkered with but these are the ones that I have found to be the most useful. So here’s to better Youtube video watching. Now all you can watch Gangnam style in peace.
Youtube options supports Chrome (all desktop), Safari and Opera browsers.
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