I am in pretty deep with the whole One Piece anime series. 500 something episodes within 4 months, and now the logical next step is to buy the toys right? Besides, it really was the toys that got me into the whole One Piece thing in the first place. Finally made my first big purchase recently.
Another attempt to blow up the white house. We've seen King Leonidas aka Gerrard Butler save it once. Now can Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx do it again?
 I've only seen the trailers so far,  but from what I could tell, Channing's character wants so bad to become a presidential security guard but gets rejected. On his way out, terrorists conveniently raid the white house so he now has to rescue the commander in chief.

Channing has  done the military guy role several times already,  most notably in the GI Joe movies so he should do well in this. I'm also fairly certain that Jamie Foxx will play a great president. all that remains is whether or not they have a good on screen chemistry.

White House Down is from Columbia  pictures and shows in Philippine theaters on July 3.
Battle Cats is an awesome game. I have played the heck out of that game and I want more. PONOS has made a great game that 5 million other people have played and it is only logical that they make another one. But I don’t just want another one, I want a better one. A sequel that will surpass the first. So I made a list of things that I want.
In 2001, Pixar Animation Studios came out with 2 memorable characters in Mike Wazowski (green one-eyed monster) and James Sullivan a.k.a Sulley (the big blue monster) who starred in Monsters Inc. The movie came out of nowhere and was a heart warming tale of friendship and childhood innocence. 12 years later, they are back with their origins story in Monsters University. Question I had walking in was whether or not Pixar and Disney’s decision to bring this back after that long period of time would still have that effect on the older version of me.
Now that the weekend is over, I just finished scheduling all my blog posts for the coming week. I usually do this so that everything is spaced out properly and there is a constant stream of new content on the site.
World War Z is another zombie movie. The last 3 years have brought a huge number of these zombie movies. Some have been good (28 days later, 28 weeks later, Dawn of the Dead), acceptable (resident evils) and bad (Warm Bodies… *shudder*). I have a strong liking of zombies since there’s always blood, guns, explosions and mutilations involved. So does this book adaptation deliver? Or fall flat?
Cartoon strips are fun to read. It’s even more fun when you can relate to the stuff on it. And EVEN more fun if it hits the mark. One of the cartoon strips that I just enjoy reading is the My Dog series by Matthew Inman. He writes about his funny experiences with his dog and it’s just plain fun to read. This one in particular, I have read several times and I still enjoy it.
When you’re driving in the streets on Manila, it’s always feels like the gates of hell a jungle out there. Coming out from the safety of your homes, you venture to the wild and hope that you can get from point A to point B in one piece. Ok, so maybe it’s just the volume of cars. But what’s annoying sometimes is that you discover that the traffic is being caused by uniformed cops on duty. Whether from apprehending cars in questionable moments (when it’s a crawl, how the heck does someone run a red light? How? you’re there mr. cop. TELL the driver what he should do BEFORE the violation happens. Not after), or just sitting around not doing anything, or just plain confusion where they don’t have a clue what to do. It’s annoying. So on top of worrying about the traffic, you need to also worry about these guys who will try to catch you doing something wrong.
World War Z is here! What? Another Zombie Movie? Ever since Walking Dead hit mainstream, everyone else has been trying to take a slice of that huge money making zombie pie.
Guacamelee is a platformer for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita. It is very reminiscent of the great games from the Super Nintendo era in that it has a lot of elements that made those games fun. Dubbed Metroid-vania since it has the fun exploration mechanics of a Super metroid game and the action from a Castlevania game.
I am in pretty deep with One Piece. I started watching this great anime last March and now I have almost caught up with the current episodes. I am now on episode 530. The story just doesn’t slow down. I told myself to stop watching after the last story arc, but I suddenly find myself watching nonstop. Now that I’ve almost caught up, I can finally enjoy the merchandise.
The Man of Steel makes a return to the big screen armed with Zack Snyder’s directing. He is also joined by a solid cast as well as the latest in special effects. Question is, does this live up to all the hype and is this enough to make people forget about the disaster that was the 2006 Superman.
There was huge pressure on Sony for their upcoming next gen console, the Playstation 4, to exceed everyone’s expectations since they had a lot to prove after Microsoft was able to catch up to them this generation with their Xbox 360. Today on E3, which is the biggest electronics and gaming expo in the world, Sony stepped into their conference, brought their guns and wiped the floor with Microsoft. PS4 will support used games. Why was this so important?
Everyone knows who Superman is. He is the alien who kind of looks human so everyone just accepts him. He is the man of steel that is so strong that nothing can beat him. He is the figurehead of the justice league and he has been around forever. Several movies and TV series have been told about Mr. Clark Kent. The latest reboot is almost showing in theaters, but doesn’t anyone notice what’s missing?
After Earth is a story about choice. As the movie’s tagline says, “Danger is Real. Fear is a choice.” Whatever happens in a given life or death situation, the danger does not go away, but what you choose to do during that situation will determine the outcome. You can choose to be afraid and die or choose not to be afraid. Boom. In the same way, going into the theater is real, but you can choose to enjoy this movie or not.

Uload Philippines is having a promo now where all you need to do is share the photo on the facebook page and you get the chance to win more prepaid load. Currently on week 2, expect to have similar promos moving forward. Make sure you like the page since there will be a lot of promos coming. Last week a mobile phone was given away for free to a winner.
Free games! Free games! I keep writing about how great it is to be a subscriber of Playstation Plus. Now Sony keeps announcing all these good stuff and free games. Not just any throw away game. These are AAA titles that have received acclaim from different media outlets. All this and E3 isn’t even here yet. So there’s bound to be more great announcements there.
2k Sports has just revealed their cover athlete for this year’s NBA 2k14 game. It’s the NBA regular season’s reining MVP in Lebron James. Surprisingly this is the king’s first time to appear in a game cover.
A Dota 2 patch just went live today and there are some significant changes made with the goal of balancing the gameplay. Some significant changes here like the fact that you can’t destroy a Gem of True sight by attacking it. Full list in post.
Each month, the Playstation Plus premium services gives out free games to its subscribers. I usually get my $50 worth within a month or two. So every time a new game gets announced, it just makes me happy.
There are a flurry of applications out there for the Android store and I’ve had my share of good ones and bad ones and it’s not often I find something I really like. Power Toggles from developer Painless Death is that application. And its free.
Want to see lots of Bonsai plants? Bonsais? Bonsae? I don’t know a thing about Bonsai but read on and I’ll tell you what I know about them. Eastwood mall is hosting the Asia Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation Event. I just happen to be there last weekend and was wondering why a bunch of plants were displayed there. So read on if you want to see a lot of bonsai pictures.
There are a lot of movies out there that talk about magic or the act of performing magic. Not in the sense of sorceries or voodoo, I’m talking more about magic tricks performed on a stage. Some of the good ones that come to mind are serious movies like The Prestige and fun movies like Burt Wonderstone. Now You See Me is a new entry into the group and it does not disappoint.
Each time there’s a Pacific Rim teaser, trailer, or feature, it makes me happy. I am super stoked about this movie coming out on July. Robots versus monsters. This poster is enough to make me go watch the movie. They just released a new feature (see full post) where the director talks about how they did the sets.
There is a crazy deal going on at the humble bundle website. For as low as $4.20 (as of writing), you get a bunch of games including Telltale Games’ 5 episode, “The Walking Dead”. Let me say that again, $4.20. That’s less that P200. And did I mention The Walking Dead? Yes? Did I also mention that it’s for a “bunch” of games?
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