Catch This Insane Telltale Humble Bundle Deal Before It’s Gone

There is a crazy deal going on at the humble bundle website. For as low as $4.20 (as of writing), you get a bunch of games including Telltale Games’ 5 episode, “The Walking Dead”. Let me say that again, $4.20. That’s less that P200. And did I mention The Walking Dead? Yes? Did I also mention that it’s for a “bunch” of games?

In case you didn’t know what Humble bundle is, you can read about it here. But for short, it’s a site that gives away games for charity. You pay what you think the games are worth and you get the games. Then if you pay more than what the current average is, you get some extra stuff like maybe an additional game or game soundtracks.

The deal that they have ongoing now is the Telltale Humble Bundle. In that bundle, you get a bunch of games from Telltale that includes Back to the Future (also a 5 episode series), Sam and Max (awesome adventure games), Poker Night at the Inventory (which is poker but played by famous game characters), Puzzle Agent (really fun detective game), Hector (I don’t know what this game is) and Wallace and Gromit (I haven’t played this).

Overall, the gem you want to pick up is The Walking Dead. This is a really good game that all zombie lovers should pick up and play. Want to know how good this game is? This is the third time I’m buying it. The deal expires sometime next week. Hurry up and pick this up.
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