More One Piece Stuff on the Way

I am in pretty deep with One Piece. I started watching this great anime last March and now I have almost caught up with the current episodes. I am now on episode 530. The story just doesn’t slow down. I told myself to stop watching after the last story arc, but I suddenly find myself watching nonstop. Now that I’ve almost caught up, I can finally enjoy the merchandise.

Gone are the times where I had to avoid looking at some of the good stuff in fear of exposing myself to some spoilers. But now I have already ordered a bunch of stuff which I cannot wait to get my hands on. All of this DID start with me seeing how cool the merchandise was.

So I’m waiting for 2 things: the first one is a box set of 8 characters with each box containing a part of Frankie. So after you’ve put Frankie together, it totals to 9 characters. The costumes they wear are from the Fishman island arc.


The second item is their new ship, Thousand Sunny. It’s supposed to be a plastic model kit which I have no idea what it means. I just know that it has the other vehicles within the Sunny like the mini-Merry boat and the Shark Submarine.


Now I have to figure out where to display them once I get it. There’s still much One Piece to be consumed in that I have yet to watch the movies and play the PS3 games. It will be sad when the day comes that I have to wait once a week to get my One Piece fix. But future me will worry about that. For now, enjoy some Sogeking.

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