Power Toggles is An App Your Android Phone needs

There are a flurry of applications out there for the Android store and I’ve had my share of good ones and bad ones and it’s not often I find something I really like. Power Toggles from developer Painless Death is that application. And its free.
Power toggles is a widget for the Android home screen that gives you the option to easily toggle on and off certain phone functionalities like wifi, bluetooth and data connection. Heard this one before? Stock Jellybean ROMs actually have this feature built in and they call it Power controls or something. But the challenge there is that the widget is fixed and you have very limited options as to customization. Power Toggles fixes that.
Power-Toggles-Android-            Power-Toggles-Android-

The first thing you’ll notice is that Power Toggles gives you so much options as to what you want your widget to look like in terms of buttons and functionality. It also gives you the option to change the colors if you’re into that kind of thing (in my defense, I only used the coloring option for review purposes).
Ok, you argue now that stock android has all of this in the main drop down menu. Well, this one gives you much more statistical data like how often do you use each of the functions. Now best part of Power Toggles is that you get the option to add shortcuts to actual applications and games.
There are other alternate applications that do the same thing out there, but for now, this one is here and it does what I want and need it to do. Best of all is that Power Toggles is also free. Grab it now.

Google Play Store Link – Here.

Power-Toggles-Android- Power-Toggles-Android-
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