Want to Relive Tamagotchis (L.I.F.E.) Today?

Hey, remember Tamagotchis? They were all the craze back then. The small egg like device where you can have a virtual pet and take care of it from birth until death. I remember having a dinosaur egg Tamagotchi back when I was in elementary school. I would try my best to watch over it every now and then and would be quite disappointed when it suddenly dies. Well, someone thought that it would be a good idea to bring these back to mobile phones. Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. from NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. is here for both Android and iOS devices and it’s free.

The concept of Tamagotchis is simple, raise a digital pet and make sure that it gets all its basic necessities. You need to feed it regularly to make sure it doesn’t die of hunger. You need to play with it to make sure it doesn’t get too bored. If it gets sick you need to apply medicine. If it poops you need to clean it up. If it gets sleepy you turn off the lights so it goes to bed. There are in game meters that show you how each of the necessity status is at. If it gets too low, then your pet either dies or runs away.

Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. brings all of that back to mobile devices and it perfectly emulates the days of old Tamagotchis. Whether that’s a good thing or bad, is all up to you.

Tamagotchi-Life-Unlocks Tamagotchi-Life-Old-View-Egg

The game or simulator starts as any Tamagotchi would, with an egg that’s about to be hatched. It took a few hours for my pet to finally show himself and I learned that what animal or creature you get is totally random. So if your pet shows up as a horrible looking creature, then you just need to suck it up and give it all your love. The interface is exactly as I remembered it before. You can actually pick the old school view where you see the Tamagotchi device itself or the digital view where you just see the creature.

The simulator also talks to you via your phone functions so it vibrates when it needs something which had a novelty feel at first but then got pretty annoying. What I also didn’t like was the fact that when you play rock paper scissors with the creature, it does not gain any happy points if YOU win. You need to keep losing so that it will be happy… which is probably how raising a real needy creature would be like.

Tamagotchi-Life-Creature-Pet Tamagotchi-Life-Creature-Pet-Old-View-Egg

On the gaming side of things, the more you play, the more stuff you are able to unlock like wallpapers or pictures. After unlocking 2 things from a weeks worth of playing, I didn’t want to do it any further since it was not incentive enough for me to do so and the novelty of owning a Tamagotchi had worn off already.

RIP Tamagotchi

Overall, I liked playing around with Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. It was good while it lasted and it brings back a lot of old school memories. Whether it will last you a long time or not is totally up to you on how much you can tolerate it. Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. is available on Google Play store and iOS app store for the low admission price of free.

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