[Kickstarter] Soul Saga Revives Old School RPGs You Know and Love

There’s this new game that’s making it’s debut on Kickstarter namely Soul Saga. For those of you like me who have been starved for a good RPG (role playing game) from the days of the PS1 and PS2, this has you covered.

Soul Saga is from Mike Gale of Disastercake. He’s a one man team who is creating this game. He takes his inspirations for this J-RPG from games like Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire and Persona.

Some things that really drew me to backing this game on Kickstarter:
  1. I love J-RPGs – It is long overdue for us to get a really good RPG. There used to be an abundance of them back in the day with final fantasy, chrono trigger, breath of fire. But whatever Square Enix is doing these days, I am not very happy with. So hopefully this will scratch that 10 year itch. 
  2. The music – This is key for any RPG. It helps set the mood to draw you into the world. When I heard the one for Soul Saga, I instantly fell in love with it. 
  3. The creator is in touch – I was quite hesitant to back this at first since I haven’t really gotten a lot out of the projects I have backed on Kickstarter. But after asking a question on their FB page, I actually got a response back quite fast so this I was happy about
  4. It’s on the VITA – I like to take my games with me when I go out. So having an RPG where you’re sure to need to do a lot of level grinding, it helps that I can always get some XP levels while I’m on the go. Soul-Saga-Playstation-Vita
  5. I talk with my money – Once other developers and big publishers see how many people are willing to pay for this type of game, they will hopefully also start to make games like this.
Soul Saga is scheduled to come out on July 2014 which is about a year from now. It will be out on PC, Mac, WiiU, PS4 and PS Vita. Their Kickstarter ends in about 4 more days so there is still time for you if you want to invest in this project.
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