My Expectations for Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is almost here and I am officially excited. Not that I haven't been for a while now. This is going to be one of the greatest movies of the year that I will eventually have on my bluray that will play once every few months together with LotR and Matrix.

Pacific Rim is a monster movie. Huge monsters that invade earth resulting in humans needing to build bigger robots called Jaegers to fight them. The thought of just watching monster wrestling already makes me so excited to the point that I just have a dumb smile on my face.

Want to know how much I like robots? I had to go through 2 hours of dumbness in Sucker Punch just to watch the 5 minute scene of the robot samurai with a gattling gun. So while I wait for absolute awesomeness to hit me, I thought I'd keep my expectations in check and at least lay out what I think will make this an epic movie. Here we go:

Realistic stuff

Pacific Rim is set in the future and I fully expect that there will be some sort of realism in how the gadgets work. Take the Jaegers for example, in the trailer they showed that for a really powerful punch they had to install rockets on the elbow. Same thing when it wanted to stop from tumbling down... rockets. What about how the 6 armed Jaeger will function? Or why Jaegers need 2 pilots? What does it run on? Fuel? Batteries? What are the turbines for? It doesn't need to be logical but I expect some sort of expansion from mr. Director Del Torro. Make me believe in them.

Awesome one liners

We already saw part of an epic speech from Heimdall on the trailer. Then a "let's go fishing" quote from the main guy. Here's hoping there's more of that in the actual movie. Make it cheesy. Make it memorable.

Lots of robots

I only saw partial shots of the Jaegers and I consciously didn't want to watch the new trailers since I don't want to spoil myself and further. I want to see all the Jaegers fighting. Even if they lose its ok. Show me awesome tech.

Monsters in all shapes and sizes

The monsters in Pacific Rim are called Kaiju. Maybe it means something in Japanese. Who cares. Show me a lot of monsters. Godzilla type, Mothra type, Starcraft overlord type, tentacles, teeth, plant type, water type, mother brain type. I want them all.

GlaDOS action

For those who don't know, she is the choice in one of the best games ever made in Portal from valve. We already know she's awesome, what I don't know is if she will have any sort of personality in this movie. Just a short quip or a condescending remark to one of the pilots and I will be very happy

Soundtrack I will love

Of course the music plays a huge role when setting up the mood. I don't have much expectation as to what this should be. Maybe dubstep during heavy punching scenes.

Epic Battles

Please have more scenes of fighting and monster destruction instead of humans talking. We aren't here for drama. Hopefully the greatest set pieces and fights were not in the trailers yet.

There we go. I cannot wait to go and watch this. As opposed to other movies I have recently watched, I have high expectations for Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim shows in Philippine theatres on July 11.

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