[Unboxing] The Ouya Has Landed

So after months of waiting for my Ouya to arrive and multiple lovely emails with the Ouya support team and countless follow up emails, it has finally arrived. The kickstarter campaign I had backed more than a year ago where I spent about $150 for a proof of concept is finally here.

The package came in a standard box that had the Ouya logo engraved on it and was thanking me for believing after I opened it. The Ouya was also quite light as expected.

Inside the Ouya box, is the Ouya console, a controller, the power adapter plug and an HDMI cable.

Just to understand the scale of how small the Ouya is, I put it side by side with some stuff… like my old Nokai 3310 phone… if that’s what it’s called. I don’t really remember.


If you’re not familiar with the nokia 3310 phone, then what about a Swiss Army Knife?


For height, it’s a bit taller than one of my small One Piece toys figurines.


I have yet to mess around with this but I will in the next few days and will review it once I’m done. What I’m hearing about the Ouya these days isn’t so good though. But we’ll see, I just need this for my gaming emulations and movie streaming.
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