Phone pranks have always been funny and annoying depending on which side of the line you’re on. Ever since the days of Simpsons (when I still watched it) where Bart always pranked Moe’s tavern, there hasn’t really been any good phone prankers that is readily available for consumption. Well, that was until I came across this Youtube channel called Ownage Pranks. Now I always have an extra place to go when I need an upper.
Mousehunt is one of my favorite Facebook games and I’ve been playing it for quite a while now. It’s something that I just keep running in the background for the day. I set the trap in the morning and just let it run then see what mice I’ve caught. It’s more complicated that how I tell it, but it’s good.
I have just recently discovered this great team that does fantasy matches in live action! No story, no intro, no boring talking stuff, just the good stuff. Last time I talked about Wolverine facing off against the Predator, now it’s Gandalf going up against Darth Vader. Who wins?
The Conjuring has always been marketed as being super scary. What makes it have that scary feel is that it is largely based on true and real life events. There have been interviews with the real people whom these events are based off of and they always say that they only told it now because they felt that “the world wasn’t ready for it yet until now”. Well, strap on your seats, because we’re about to find out if the world is ready for The Conjuring.
In 2010, we saw one of the really good animated films in How to Train Your Dragon. I walked away from that movie really wanting to have my own dragon and how awesome it would have been to fly around with it. Well, Dreamworks is back with more Hiccup and Toothless Dragon action.

I saw a tip online that you can use regular household items to do awesome stuff, one of which was the ability to clean blurry or foggy headlights using regular toothpaste. This tip stood out since we have an old car that had just this problem. I saw that Honda offered their service to defog headlights for something like P1,000 or something which I never got to avail. So, with nothing to lose, I tried it.
Ready for another Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson team-up comedy movie? The duo is back in their latest misadventures in The Internship. This time trying to get a job at Google and trying to survive in the current digital world. So does this movie satisfy with laughs or bombs because of old and bland jokes?
The Internationals 3 just concluded last Monday and it was a nailbiter between 2011’s The International champions Na’Vi (Natus Vincere) and up and coming Team Alliance. Na’Vi went into the grand finals despite getting swept by Team Alliance earlier in the competition and dropping to the losers bracket. Team Alliance was red hot going 14-0 during the prelims and just smoking everyone during the Seattle tourney. Everything was on the line though in this best of 5 matchup to take home the $1.4 million prize money and the trophy, Aegis of the Immortal. The losers would have to contend with the $600,000 consolation prize. I will say that the winner really deserved the prize.
This is awesome. Dream matches always are. Usually we just see fights like this in a fan voting medium. If we’re lucky, there are cool comics that come out to tell the story. If there’s enough interest, then probably a video game. And if there’s even more buzz, a movie. They don’t always turn out well though *ahem* Aliens vs Predator *ahem*. But this Wolverine vs Predator video delivers.
Hey, it’s Robert de Niro and John Travolta together for the first time and it’s some movie about Killing Seasons. The tagline is that the ultimate form of war is one on one. You’ll find out why.
We’re at day 2 so far of the biggest Dota 2 tournament which is The International 3. The actual Seattle tourney and the battles are becoming more and more intense.
Did you guys enjoy Pixar’s Cars? What about Cars 2? If you did then here’s something to look forward to: Disney’s Planes. If you’re not looking forward to this then maybe your kid cousin or little sister is.
Guys, just so you know, a Divekick isn’t a real move. It’s impossible from a physics / human point of view. You can make a jump kick but not a Divekick. But we’re not here to talk about real life. DiveKick is a fighting game that only needs 2 buttons. Yep, no directional pads, no shoulder buttons, no analog sticks. 2 buttons.
Ready for more zombie killing action? Well, sort of action. What sets Cockney’s Vs Zombies apart is its different take on the leading roles. Other movies would usually put a young and / or strong leading man or woman with guns ablazing. Think Resident Evil’s Chris or Claire Redfield. Or maybe put a good looking leading man like Brad Pitt in World War Z. Nope. Not here.
For those who are not aware, Dota 2 The International is the NBA Finals of Dota 2 competition. There are elimination games that have been happening the past few months and this is the culminating event that pits the top 16 teams against each other. The prize? $2.8 million.
Real life horror! There have been several movies in the past that have tacked this type of setting wherein they claim that the events that happen are based on a true story. The Conjuring is another one of those movies. According to the trailer, this was the story that the actual family didn't want to tell until now because the world wasn't ready. Are you now?
There are dog people and there are cat people. You are either one or the other. I seldom see people who take a genuine liking to both species. I’ve seen some who shift over from one to the other, but rarely at the same time.
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