[Movie Review] The Conjuring – Is the World Ready Now?

The Conjuring has always been marketed as being super scary. What makes it have that scary feel is that it is largely based on true and real life events. There have been interviews with the real people whom these events are based off of and they always say that they only told it now because they felt that “the world wasn’t ready for it yet until now”. Well, strap on your seats, because we’re about to find out if the world is ready for The Conjuring.

From James Wan, the guy who’s pedigree includes bringing you movies like S.A.W. and Insidious, there was a high level of expectation that this would be a scare fest. One of the gimmicks that some of the screenings had was that they would have a priest present to somehow make you feel better after watching the movie if you felt that you needed it. The screening I went to didn’t have a priest, but it did have a minister or something present. I took with me a small pack of popcorn, some Wendy’s Iced tea and proceeded to enjoy the Conjuring.



Family buys their dream house and it seemed like the perfect house. Until weird stuff starts to happen like clocks stopping, animals acting… out of the ordinary and just generally crazy stuff. Turns out their house is haunted by angry spirits, so they eventually get in touch with some Ghost hunters or exorcists who try their best to exorcise or get rid of the problem.


I’ll start with the Perrons or the folks who moved into the house. They’re played by a wonderful cast… at least I’m pretty sure it was a wonderful cast, because I have no idea who the cast is. I only know Joey King (White House Down) who plays Christine Perron, one of the children. Regardless, the whole family played a great job of doing a lot of screams and running for dear life. The wife, Carolyn Perron played by Lili Taylor did an extra good job of doing more screams and action than the rest.

The two ghost hunters, Lorraine and Ed Warren played by Vera Farmiga (The Orphan) and Patrick Wilson (Insidious/Watchmen) did the transition role from not believing to not caring to becoming slightly interested, until fully interested quite well. It made me think that it makes sense for this type of attitude since they must receive tons of calls from other people who turn out to be false alarms.



The story in The Conjuring is told very well. The main plot points you have an idea on how it turns out since you’re pretty sure that everyone survives because, ehm, they were alive to tell the tale. The interesting tale is what actually transpired inside that house during those days that the ghost hunters were in it. I like the story and I believe that they clearly explained each one of the characters’ motivations quite well. Why the family wouldn’t just move away from the house, why the ghost hunters stayed until the end, why cops got involved, why the priests took so long and so on. Everything except for the supernatural was pretty logical and made sense.


The Conjuring is a pretty good scary movie. There were a bunch of really good jump scares and goosebump scenes. The story, although shallow an straightforward, is told very well. If you’re looking for a good popcorn movie where you’ll get at least a few scares out of then this is a good choice. The fact that there were a bunch of sissies shouting and gasping at each build-up scene was a bit annoying, but I was able to enjoy it anyway. The Conjuring is good while it lasts so enjoy it.


The Conjuring is showing in Philippine theaters now.

Pro-tip: To enjoy the movie to the fullest, I suggest sitting in the front row, grab a popcorn, and face the audience.

Score: 3 out of 5 (meets expectations) 
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