Place Your Bets: Wolverine Vs Predator Live Action Movie

This is awesome. Dream matches always are. Usually we just see fights like this in a fan voting medium. If we’re lucky, there are cool comics that come out to tell the story. If there’s enough interest, then probably a video game. And if there’s even more buzz, a movie. They don’t always turn out well though *ahem* Aliens vs Predator *ahem*. But this Wolverine vs Predator video delivers.

Coming from Bat in the Sun Productions who also did several live action dream matches, Aaron Shoenke has came and brought us this awesome movie. It’s not a very long movie but it’s awesome and I like it because it doesn’t really focus that much on story, no nonsense stuffs, it’s what the title is which is two feral beings slugging it out.

Also produced by Aaron Shoenke, Sean Schoenke, and Nikolay Zamkovoy. Enjoy.

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