The Wonderful Art of Mousehunt – Chess Pieces Edition

Mousehunt is one of my favorite Facebook games and I’ve been playing it for quite a while now. It’s something that I just keep running in the background for the day. I set the trap in the morning and just let it run then see what mice I’ve caught. It’s more complicated that how I tell it, but it’s good.

I’ve talked about it before and this post is about how good the art is in the game. They don’t show it that much while you play because it only gives you a small thumbnail, but the few times that I do look at the art, it’s pretty good. So I downloaded some of the art and posted them here.

If you’ve been playing the game, you know that there are themed races for the mice. Here’s one of my favorite ones and it’s called the Wizard’s Pieces set which emulates chess pieces: 6 for the white and 6 for the black. In this case they call them Mystic and Technic mice. Then the last mice is the Chess Master mouse which theoretically is the player? maybe.

So anyway, enjoy the art.

Mystic-Pawn-Mouse Mystic Pawn Mouse
Mystic-Knight-Mouse Mystic Knight Mouse
Mystic-Bishop-Mouse Mystic Bishop Mouse
Mystic-Rook-Mouse Mystic Rook Mouse
Mystic-Queen-Mouse Mystic Queen Mouse
Mystic-King-Mouse Mystic King Mouse

Technic-Pawn-Mouse Technic Pawn Mouse
Technic-Knight-Mouse Technic Knight Mouse
Technic-Bishop-Mouse Technic Bishop Mouse
Technic-Rook-Mouse Technic Rook Mouse
Technic-Queen-Mouse Technic Queen Mouse
Technic-King-Mouse Technic King Mouse

Chess-master-mouse Chess Master Mouse
Give mousehunt a try if you’re not too busy. It doesn’t take a lot of your time and it’s fun… kinda.
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