[Youtube] Ownage Pranks Will Make You Laugh Hard

Phone pranks have always been funny and annoying depending on which side of the line you’re on. Ever since the days of Simpsons (when I still watched it) where Bart always pranked Moe’s tavern, there hasn’t really been any good phone prankers that is readily available for consumption. Well, that was until I came across this Youtube channel called Ownage Pranks. Now I always have an extra place to go when I need an upper.

I stopped watching TV ever since the internet started giving me what I wanted to watch on demand. No commercials and no nonsense… well the latter depending on how you look at it. So anyway, Ownage Pranks, it’s about a guy who has a ton of different personas and he calls up people and just plainly annoys the living heck out of them. Usually he baits them into telling a lie just to get rid of him and when they take the bait, he calls them out on it and forces them to apologize. It doesn’t always work out that way so sometimes there’s a lot of fighting and swearing that follows.

Best thing about all of this is that 1.) it’s unedited (or at least that’s how I think it is), 2.) he puts subtitles so at least you understand what the heck is going on, and 3.) he puts funny pictures or animations.

I sympathize with some of the folks who take his calls since they just get bullied like heck but it’s funny. Sometimes it gets a bit uncomfortable when you sense that the person on the other line gets frustrated, angry, confused or sometimes just wants to cry already. Just as an example, he usually calls up restaurants making outrageous orders or bargains then he sometimes also calls up shops or individuals who offer services and then same thing, makes outrageous requests.

My favorites so far have been the ones where he pranks those folks who, I feel, deserve to get pranked. I put those below, enjoy. Warning that there is some foul language in the video.

If you like his videos, make sure you like his facebook page.
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