Mobile phones are all over the market now. It’s quite a challenge to pick one especially if you want a mix of a cool, affordable, relevant and useful phone. In no particular order. Well, you might not know it yet, but Xiaomi's MI3 is most probably one that will fill that void.
October is here and you know what that means: A new version of NBA 2K. Each year I have the same apprehension about buying the latest version. And each year I lose the internal battle to not buy it. I saw some preview builds of the new NBA 2K and it looks like there wasn’t much change from last year. Until I saw this.
Ever wanted to talk to your lovable furry friends? I know I always wanted to. How awesome would it be if you could actually understand what they’re communicating or to be able to tell them exactly what you wanted to say? Now a new tech has fixed all of those problems.
Platform: Android/iOS

Here’s a game that has a different take on the whole touchscreen thing. While most games h ave you play as a character in the game like the main hero in first or third person, Rescue Me – The adventures lets you play as a god with a whole race of beings inside it which you have to, surprise, rescue.

I’ve said it before, there’s no shortage of dumb, parody comedies out there. But there is a shortage of GOOD dumb, parody comedies. The ones like Scary movie from the Wayans are ok, but have quite lost their magic already. There was a reason why I was really stoked and excited for This is the End since it had a lot of my favorite comedy actors in it. And I walked into the theater with high hopes.
Past the rainbow bridge of Asgard, where the booming heavens roar, you behold in breathless wonder, the god of thunder, Mighty Thor. If that song doesn’t ring a bell then maybe this will help. Thor is back and ready to bash some more heads with his mighty hammer. His friends and foes are back to join him fight even more terrible folk.
There was recently a Sony Japan pre TGS (Tokyo Game show) Event that lasted for about 2 hours and the announcements that came out of there were just enough to get me excited. Nothing got me more excited than when they showed this ecosystem video.
Remember Robocop? Alex Murphy? OCP? Detroit Police? ED-209? Well, he’s back. Some guys apparently thought that this franchise still had some life and decided to revive it. This one’s a reboot of the previous series so it’s a reimagining of the entire universe. I wanted so bad to be excited for this when I heard about it last year. I just felt like we’ve progressed so much in terms of humanoid suits to the point that Robocop feels dated.
I like how this ad gives you a really good deal for Playstation Plus. It also makes things pretty clear by defining its terms. What I don’t like is how it assumes that you don’t know what a year is. In this case I’d rather them define what a month is since that’s the more variable one.
If you’re an 80s or 90s kid, have kids that are from that generation or have elder siblings from that time, then you know about Megaman or Rockman… well unless you’ve been living under a rock, you. The second worst news coming out from Capcom was that they were discontinuing or not showing any more love for the blue bomber (the first being their utter abandonment of Monster Hunter for Sony platforms). But here’s how you can help bring him back… or at least in spirit in the form of Mighty No.9.
I saw a trailer for this movie a few months back and I was immediately sold. IThe question I asked myself is what need this movie fills. There’s no shortage of dumb and funny movies out there but there is a shortage of GOOD dumb and funny movies. This fills that need and I could not be more excited to watch it.
De La Salle University and The Ateneo played a good game yesterday, September 1, with the Green Archers getting the W. It was an exciting match that was back and forth with a lot of good shooting and at the same time, sloppy plays at the fourth quarter. What struck me the most is how the last play that DLSU ran off the timeout shows you why they deserved the W. Let me show you the breakdown.
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