How DLSU won the Last Play vs ADMU

De La Salle University and The Ateneo played a good game yesterday, September 1, with the Green Archers getting the W. It was an exciting match that was back and forth with a lot of good shooting and at the same time, sloppy plays at the fourth quarter. What struck me the most is how the last play that DLSU ran off the timeout shows you why they deserved the W. Let me show you the breakdown.

During the DLSU timeout, the camera pretty much captured the huddle and what coach Jun Sauler drew up. He wanted an isolation on Jeron Teng then he gave the instructions that the wings should pop out based on how Jeron drove to the basket.

So let’s start, the ball inbounds to Teng and all 4 of his teammates are spaced well, giving him the isolation. Teng’s defender also does a good job of defending him.


As the clock winds down, the play develops and still, good defense being played. Everyone has their man except for the post. He’s giving him an open path to the basket to rebound.


This is where the defense just breaks down completely. Jeron drives and makes a quick spin and do you see it?


Both wing defenders completely leave their man. Teng now has an open lane to pass to either 3 point shooters for a wide open shot. The guy behind Teng tries to go for a steal but he is in such a bad position. Even attempting to swipe the ball will be an obvious foul. The only bright side for the defense?


The guy guarding the post. He has sealed off the center to thwart any hopes of getting a rebound.


Teng then goes for the difficult shot which he makes, but look how many options the defense gave him. He could pass to either 3 point shooters or take the shot, like what he did. There’s 3 seconds on the clock so that’s plenty of time.


Look how both defenders are turning their heads away from the defenders. The other post defender also loses his man completely, giving DLSU a potential big guy to either tip the ball in or rebound for another shot. Again, bright side? ADMU center does a great job of boxing out the bottom rebounder.


As Teng takes the shot, for some reason, the bottom defender just hops forward and leans back. Look how bad his position is now, he is in no position to rebound the ball. And as it happens, the top offensive rebounder gets in a good position.


Teng makes a really difficult shot go in and ADMU has a last chance to make a desperate shot with no timeouts remaining. They pass the ball to Ravena (top) who is in no position to take a long range shot with 1.9 seconds. The defense is also in good position to defend him. In my opinion, they should have passed it to the bottom guy or at least take a few seconds to set up before making the rushed pass.


There you have it folks. The final play that decided the game. DLSU’s coaching staff drew up that nice play and it was executed perfectly. If ADMU wants to make a run in the final four then they need to improve their defense.

Embedded below is the video of the above breakdown.

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