NBA 2K14 Video Gameplay Preview

October is here and you know what that means: A new version of NBA 2K. Each year I have the same apprehension about buying the latest version. And each year I lose the internal battle to not buy it. I saw some preview builds of the new NBA 2K and it looks like there wasn’t much change from last year. Until I saw this.

The video shows some gameplay preview. It’s actually OKC Thunder going up against the newly Dwight-ed Houston Rockets. Some things I noticed from watching the gameplay:
  • Player team AI Defense is better. It felt like they rotated better. It used to be that the computer AI would play defense better and yours would be just crap
  • Collisions look nice. When you put your hands up during defense, it actually looks and feels like you’re actually bothering the shot. Last year it just felt cosmetic and you’d just hope that it does something from a shot % standpoint
  • Blocks look good. It feels like blocks actually feel legit and if you mess it up then it’s a foul
  • Animations look and feel smoother

Of course everything is based on observation. We’ll never know until I get my hands on the actual thing. We’ll see. For now, watch the video below, it shows an entire game played.

NBA 2k14 comes out on October 1. That's soon.

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