Robocop making a comeback in 2014

Remember Robocop? Alex Murphy? OCP? Detroit Police? ED-209? Well, he’s back. Some guys apparently thought that this franchise still had some life and decided to revive it. This one’s a reboot of the previous series so it’s a reimagining of the entire universe. I wanted so bad to be excited for this when I heard about it last year. I just felt like we’ve progressed so much in terms of humanoid suits to the point that Robocop feels dated.

As a kid, Robocop blew my mind and I just loved watching the movies. The robotic voice (“Halt creep”), the mechanized holster, the red light on the visor, the metal suit, the spinning of the gun before he holsters it, his fetish for Gerber baby food, I can even still hear the sound he makes each step he takes (*zzz chug, zzz chug*).

There’s so much from that universe that I really liked, the setting of post apocalyptic Detroit which come to think of it, might be shaping up to be reality given how the current state of Detroit is which is down the drain. Remember Dick Jones? He was old scrawny and really villainy but he was badass. ED-209 which was the enemy robot haunted me in my nightmares as a kid. I remember having to look for anywhere that had stairs (Spoiler alert: In case you didn’t know, he doesn’t know how to walk down steps, so he falls).


How about the final scene in the boardroom? Directive 4! You’re fired. Directive 4 cleared. Then proceeds to blow Dick out of the room. Robocop was such an integral part of my childhood and I’m not sure if I’m ready to let this new one in yet.

I took a look at the cast of Robocop and it has some good folks in it. Although I have no idea who the actor who plays Mr. Alex Robocop Murphy, he’s flanked by Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Samuel Jackson and Jay Baruchel.

I saw the trailer and I just wasn’t feeling it. The only cool part was the visor coming down ala Ironman style. Maybe after a few more trailers I’ll warm up to it. As far as it goes for me, Robocop never left, it was always here with me. Opening across the Philippines in February 2014, “RoboCop” is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

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