This is not a story spoiler and you just might appreciate it better by getting some background before going to watch Thor: The Dark World rather than going through the scenario I did of seeing people walk away in silence and not knowing what the heck just happened. If you are confident enough in your comic book lore then go ahead and watch it before reading, but if you at least want to get some context, then read on.
Back in 1980, there was an X-men storyline called Days of the Future past which tells the story of a horrible future. That future is 2013 and they’re coming up with a movie of the same title. This movie joins the cast of the original X-men cast and the First Class cast, has been in development for the longest time, and now the trailer is HERE!

Halloween is almost here and one of the fun things is watching other people dress up as their favorite characters. I have not been actively involved in any trick or treat event for the longest time since it has always been a work day. But for this year, I decided to take some time to dress up my Beagle so that he could join the trick or treat festivities. For this purpose I chose one of my favorite characters from the anime One Piece – Tony Tony Chopper!
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have heard about the whole Wikileaks thing wherein an organization or individual got ahold of a bunch of information that the US government was keeping under tight wraps. Then decided to post it for the whole world to see. Heard of it? Yes? No? Doesn’t matter, since they’re coming out with a movie so you can see the more “thriller” version of it.
People like looking at fast cars go. Successful movie franchises like Fast and the Furious is proof of this. The sad thing about that series though is that it has shifted from being about fast cars to now being about the people driving them. So here’s Need for Speed, a very successful video game franchise which I have had a lot of fun playing. THIS is all about fast cars. With Aaron Paul, the guy from Breaking Bad as the star.
Guys, I watched this and can totally relate. It’s a fairly simple but brilliant video… at least for the folks who get it. The perfect day.
Oh Japan. There have been countless insane videos of Japan pranks but I have to say that this one tops my list.
And it was super memorable for me. Not only did I get to see the NBA players from the tube, I got to see MY NBA team, the Indiana Pacers. I must have been smiling the entire time I was there because I felt my cheeks hurt after the event.
It’s official. Megaman is back. After Capcom obviously abandoned the blue bomber due to them losing belief and that it can no longer sell, series creator Kenji Inafune just couldn’t take it any more and left the company. He also went to Kickstarter with his ideas and basically rebranded it as Mighty No 9. I had said to myself a few months back that I wouldn’t put money into Kickstarters any more and just wait for the full game to come out before buying it. But I just love Megaman so much that I fell into the trap again.
Back in the 90s there was a bunch of Japanese anime (or cartoons as we used to call them) that hit the tube. Among them, one of my top favorites was always Daimos. So imagine my delight when I found this video.
Ever wanted to go to outer space? There’s more than a few folks I see online who talk about going up there should the chance present itself. Even the Axe brand talks about sending people to space. We’ve seen several movies show how space could be and all of it has to do with being in a Gravity-less environment with floating stuff. Armageddon did it, Apollo 13 also did something similar. Superman seems to not care about gravity. So here’s Gravity, a movie about being in space and doing Gravity-like shenanigans.
How many Facebook profiles are there? Want to know your unique Facebook ID or how many members were signed up by the time you joined? Well, now you can. There is a website called Faces of Facebook that is made by freelancer Natalia Rojas.
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