Megaman Gets New Life on Kickstarter

It’s official. Megaman is back. After Capcom obviously abandoned the blue bomber due to them losing belief and that it can no longer sell, series creator Kenji Inafune just couldn’t take it any more and left the company. He also went to Kickstarter with his ideas and basically rebranded it as Mighty No 9. I had said to myself a few months back that I wouldn’t put money into Kickstarters any more and just wait for the full game to come out before buying it. But I just love Megaman so much that I fell into the trap again.

So anyway, the new guy’s name is Beck and there’s a bunch of concept art already out for the character. The Kickstarter also was able to get a lot more than what they were asking for so they are now able to do their “stretch goals”. Now that I have my foot on the door with this, let me tell you my reasons why I’m excited… or at least this is what I tell myself:

1 – It’s Megaman
The game follows the standard Megaman formula of beating bosses in order and getting their weapons. The enemies are apparently named Mighty number 1 through 8, then I assume that Beck is the 9th and greatest (or worst) creation who needs to prove himself. Based on the videos that have been shown so far, the way the character controls and moves is very similar which is a good thing because Megaman was one of the games that had the tightest controls since NES or family computer days until today.


2 – The old crew is back

Kenji Inafune is the father of Megaman (Dr. Light just adopted him) is on the helm so you know it’s going to be good. Then he also assembled his original posse from before so folks like the guy who designed the original levels in Megaman, the guy who did the character art, the lady who composed music for the original games and so on. This is definitely going to “feel” right.

3 – It’s coming to Vita

I have come to really appreciate my PS Vita in recent months since I am able to do short bursts of gaming and since it has a pretty good d-pad, I’m sure I’m going to do a lot of Megaman on it.

4 – Call and Rush

Megaman always had cool sidekicks like his sister, Roll, and Rush the robot dog... ok fine, Beat the bird although he was never useful. There’s already concept art for these new characters.

5 – Mega future

I’m just looking forward to more Mega adventures in the future. This could be a good start and hopefully it is sustained.


The game’s scheduled to be done sometime 2015 but I’m not rushing, I trust Inafune to be able to do well with the time they have. Hope they have something that keeps me excited until that comes out.

I can’t count the number of times I used the word “hope” in this post. But that’s what Kickstarter is all about. Next time I will have more self control before I shell out money.

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