Did You Get That Thor After-Credits Scene?

This is not a story spoiler and you just might appreciate it better by getting some background before going to watch Thor: The Dark World rather than going through the scenario I did of seeing people walk away in silence and not knowing what the heck just happened. If you are confident enough in your comic book lore then go ahead and watch it before reading, but if you at least want to get some context, then read on.

At the end credits of Thor: The Dark World, there was a scene where 2 of Thor’s buddies bring a box containing Aether, which was central to the movie’s plot, to a certain “Collector”. They also mentioned that it was not safe having 2 “Infinity Stones” in a single location which is Asgard. The other stone is the Tesseract which is the unlimited power source that came from the Captain America and Avengers movies. The Collector also confirms that it’s one down and 5 to go.

So what are Infinity Stones?

They are 6 separate gems that are indestructible and each hold a different power. When all 6 are combined, the bearer then gets god-like powers of being super smart, super fast, super powerful and just being unbeatable. The 6 gems are namely the Soul (green), Power (red), Time (orange), Space (purple), Reality (yellow) and Mind (blue). So possessing something like the Time gem would give the owner power to like make himself really fast or become younger.


In the Marvel movie universe, it seems that they are giving the stones a bit more backstory so hence the Tesseract and the Aether represent 2 of the 6 stones.

So how is this relevant to the upcoming movies?

Among the many people who have tried to possess all 6 infinity gems, one of the guys who were successful in doing so is Thanos. Yep, the guy at the end credits of the Avengers. He was able to, in multiple occasions, assemble all stones and even once, forming them into a gauntlet, hence the comicbook storyline, “The Infinity Gauntlet”. Also, both occasions it was the avengers that fought and beat Thanos. There was an instance though where the Guardians of the Galaxy also fought Thanos.

So according to some reports, as well as logic, Thanos and the Collector will appear in The Guardians of the Galaxy movie then I assume that Thanos will get some sort of upper hand at the end to set the stage for the Avengers and The Guardians of the Galaxy to all fight side by side against him. Which is bananas when you think about it given how much star power will be appearing in a single movie. It has to be like a 3 part movie kind of like how LotR is to be told properly. But we’ll see.

So hopefully this gives you a bit more understanding on what that mid-credits scene was all about.

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