Valve has unleashed their Black Friday shenanigans. So make sure you guard your hearts, minds and wallets.

Want to know a little bit more about what this upcoming game to movie film is all about? What we knew before was that Aaron Paul was in it and it was all about fast cars and police chases. This new Need for Speed trailer reveals some more story elements.
Want to see space marine Jim Raynor from the Starcraft universe take on Mr. Diablo from his own diablo universe? How about the fallen angel Tyrael from diablo universe taking on the Zerg form of Sarah Kerrigan? Maybe death knight Arthas going up against a starcraft Ghost? Yes? Well Blizzard has you covered, with Heroes of the Storm.
I have had a bunch of stuff back when I was a kid, mostly related to gaming like game boxes, action figures, slip boxes, console boxes and so on. But out of all the above, there is one that just stands out and always puts a smile to my face each time I see it.
Want a free copy of Bastion for PC? For those who don’t know, Bastion is a really fun action RPG game where you play as a kid who fights away evil stuff. It’s the first game from indie developer Supergiant Games and it’s really good.
After months of waiting it’s finally here!!! The latest episode of Super power beatdown! This episode pits Scorpion from Mortal Kombat against The White Ranger from Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. The guy in the middle is Aaron Shoenke who is the genius behind these super power beatdowns.

Here’s a really good deal. Batman Arkham Origins and Batman Arkham City were pretty good games and they’re now being given away along with some other games in exchange for a small charity donation via the Humble Bundle.


It’s always awesome when you see several big name celebrities come together for a project. We loved Oceans’ series, then Avengers, then This is the End. Sleeping dogs is another one of those all-star collaborations. And it’s awesome.
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