Scorpion VS White Ranger is 5 Mins of Great Fight Scenes

After months of waiting it’s finally here!!! The latest episode of Super power beatdown! This episode pits Scorpion from Mortal Kombat against The White Ranger from Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. The guy in the middle is Aaron Shoenke who is the genius behind these super power beatdowns.

How this works is that the site asks fans who they think should be fighting each other. The internet votes, and they make it happen. This latest episode has to be my favorite for now. Not only does it feature great characters, it also has excellently choreographed fight scenes.

As always, the best thing I love about Super Power Beatdown is that they are always faithful to the character and their backstory which also includes weapons, fighting styles and attitudes. The great thing about these movies is also that there’s little to no downtime, it’s all about the fighting.

The past fights included heavyweights such as Gandalf from LotR going up against Darth Vader. Then also Wolverine from Xmen going up against The Predator.

If you want to see more of his work, head on to his youtube channel, Bat in the Sun.

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