[Video] Heroes of the Storm pits Jim Raynor against Diablo

Want to see space marine Jim Raynor from the Starcraft universe take on Mr. Diablo from his own diablo universe? How about the fallen angel Tyrael from diablo universe taking on the Zerg form of Sarah Kerrigan? Maybe death knight Arthas going up against a starcraft Ghost? Yes? Well Blizzard has you covered, with Heroes of the Storm.

Everyone who’s keeping themselves updated into the whole e-sports scene should have at least heard of what DotA is. It’s Defense of the Ancients which was a free Warcraft 3 mod created by a group of users a few years back. It has since grown into a huge sensation played by over millions of people worldwide. Now Blizzard entertainment owns Warcraft 3 but not the mods, so the people at Valve (makers of half life, steam, portal, and left 4 dead) decide to pick this up and make an official free to play game called Dota 2 which now consistently racks up the highest volume players within the steam client.

Now Blizzard realized this and will not take any of it. So they are now coming out with Heroes of the Storm, which is supposed to be a MOBA (Massive online battle arena) similar to Dota but will include the high profile Blizzard characters like the ones mentioned above.


I have been quite deeply invested my time into DotA 2 with a few hundred hours in so I’m quite hesitant to move or even get excited about this. But we’ll see, the draw of Blizzard characters is just very tempting. So hope this game is good and succeeds. I’ll definitely try it out.

They haven’t announced who the character list is but in the below video, they only have a 2 second segment that quickly flashes the silhouette of the characters. I can see Kerrigan, a space marine, a ghost, 2 birds maybe from diablo and another from warcraft, I see a dwarf, and angel, someone with a crossbow.

Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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