I really liked watching the Transformers growing up. I had a bunch of toys as well to go with that and one of my favorites has always been Devastator. Now, I’m going to undertake a project that will hopefully add him to my collection of stuff I shouldn’t even be caring about anymore but still do. The above picture is side by side of my original Devastator (left) and the bootleg one (right).
Early December, I ran a giveaway contest for Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY edition for the PC. It just recently ended and a winner has now been chosen.

There’s a new trailer out for How to train your Dragon 2 and this one does it more justice than the first. This one teases a little bit more on what the story is going to focus on and finally has some semblance of a plot. This finally has be officially looking forward to watching more of Hiccup and Toothless’ adventures.
You know a trailer has done a good job when it gets you excited by showing 2 minutes worth of footage. This is what the upcoming 47 Ronin trailer just did. In that short period of time, I saw: sword fights, dual wielding pistols, fire balls, mega monsters, blades deflecting magic, Keanu and a whole lot of explosions. I could just keep watching this trailer and say this movie is awesome.
The GoG website is giving away 3 Fallout games for the PC for the low, low price of nothing. Zero. That means free. What’s the catch? No catch. As long as you can claim it while the offer still lasts.
This was the best thing I saw this morning. The cast of Modern Family going up against each other in a game of family feud. This series is one of my favorites in the past few years and is my go to show whenever I need a good laugh. This is them as themselves but still in character playing a game of Family Feud and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.
This month’s edition of The Alaric Sphere’s giveaway is none other than Batman Arkham Asylum from developer Rocksteady worth about $20. This is an excellent game and still one of my favorite Batman games of all time. Join the raffle below to get a chance to win this.
Announcing the winner of the Bastion giveaway. And the winner is:

Congratulations. Please check your email for instructions on how to claim the prize.

Stay tuned, the next giveaway will be Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY edition.
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