I’m Giving Away Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition for PC

This month’s edition of The Alaric Sphere’s giveaway is none other than Batman Arkham Asylum from developer Rocksteady worth about $20. This is an excellent game and still one of my favorite Batman games of all time. Join the raffle below to get a chance to win this.

Just so you don’t say I’m being biased, let’s see what other outlets have to say about this game:

This game’s pretty good guys. Let me say some more about Batman Arkham Asylum. It’s voiced by the greatest Batman voice ever in Kevin Conroy who is the same Batman voice in the square faced Batman animated series. The Joker is also voiced by the greatest Joker voice in Mark Hamill who is also from the animated series. The story is also top notch, since it takes place in Arkham asylum, almost ALL of Batman’s enemies are here present.

Gameplay is super fun. The exploration is so seamless and you have Batman’s utility belt which pretty much has everything and the kitchen sink. The combat is also something that has revolutionized how action gaming fights should be done.

If you love good video games, then you will enjoy playing this game.

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You also need to create a free Steam account when you win since that’s where you claim the prize.

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