This How to Train Your Dragon 2 Trailer has more Plot and .. dragons


There’s a new trailer out for How to train your Dragon 2 and this one does it more justice than the first. This one teases a little bit more on what the story is going to focus on and finally has some semblance of a plot. This finally has be officially looking forward to watching more of Hiccup and Toothless’ adventures.


So in the trailer, the Vikings seem to have fully adjusted to having dragons living with them. I’m assuming that they will somehow explore some conflict between the 2 best friends. They should also somehow say something that’s not working with the new setup of Vikings and dragons coexisting.


Then there’s also this new Valka character who kind of reveals herself in the trailer. Which I find quite hard to believe since there was something that was said in the first movie that specifically squashes this. I’ll put it and the end so as not to spoil the trailer. You decide for yourselves. Oh, and there are new types of dragons, there was one about the 1:35 mark that looked tough.

How to train your Dragon 2 comes out summer of 2014. Hopefully at the same time as here in the Philippines.

Ok, if I didn’t hear it wrong, Valka introduces herself as Hiccup’s mom. Although this cannot be possible since Gerrard Butler in the first movie, tells Hiccup that the helmet he had was made from his mother’s breastplate. So unless this Valka character walks around without a breastplate, or there’s some story about Hiccup being adopted or something, I will be very interested in knowing how they explain this in How to Train your Dragon 2.
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