[Trailer] 47 Ronin has Swords, Guns, Magic, and Keanu. Sold.

You know a trailer has done a good job when it gets you excited by showing 2 minutes worth of footage. This is what the upcoming 47 Ronin trailer just did. In that short period of time, I saw: sword fights, dual wielding pistols, fire balls, mega monsters, blades deflecting magic, Keanu and a whole lot of explosions. I could just keep watching this trailer and say this movie is awesome.

Set in what I think is Japan, the movie trailer talks about looking for this certain warrior who supposedly will save the clan from the mighty invaders. Keanu, of course, is that guy. And he’s awesome. It also sounds like he’ll be leading the 47 Ronin to battle against the evil dudes.

So it looks like Keanu’s back with his being Neo-ness (which I am ready for more of). Joining him are, of course, some Japanese warriors because come on guys, it has Ronin on the title. I think that Hiroyuki Sanada is THE right guy to get for this. He’s the badass warrior with the huge horns in The Last Samurai.


Other folks I saw were Rinko Kikuchi, who played Mako from Pacific Rim. She plays the villain in this one from what I saw. Then to my surprise and delight, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is in this. Shang-Tsung from Mortal Kombat! “YOUR SOUL IS MINE!”. He also did a bunch of other stuff, but he will always be Mr. Shang Tsung to me.

So while we have the dreaded Manila Film Festival, I will patiently wait for this movie to come out in Philippine theaters. While that’s happening, the biggest question I have is: “IS KEANU part of the 47 Ronin? So does this mean that there were 46 and he’s the 47th? Or there are 47 and he’s the 48th?? I need to KNOW!!!”.

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