Walt Disney Animation studios made another movie. And it’s the same guys who made Frozen and Wreck it Ralph so that’s supposed to be a good thing right? Right? But this time Big Hero 6 is about superheroes fighting bad guys.
Christopher Nolan is back on the big screen with a new adventure. After doing the superhero (Dark Knight) trilogy and after messing with our minds (Inception), he has decided to take on the final frontier with a space adventure with Interstellar. Shot in 70mm film, will this be able to capture your space crave?
The Dota 6.82 patch change is here with changes to how the heroes work. These are always welcome since they make the game better and more balanced. Or at least try to.
Update: 6.82 Analysis to changes to all heroes. 6.82 Analysis to change to Map

So the new Dota patch has a lot of changes and on top of the map changes, there are 2 heroes who got major revamps that will drastically impact the way you play them.
Update: 6.82 Analysis to changes to all heroes6.82 Analysis to change to PL and BS

So there was a huge Dota 2 update that just went live which I didn’t see coming. This one has a TON of changes especially to the map. One thing that had been fairly constant was how the map was structured and it’s not every patch that we expect changes. Until now.
I have been using Xiaomi’s Mi Powerbank for close to 3 months and if you’re curious as to if it’s just another one of those China brands? Does it work well? Will it blow up? Why is it priced like that? Then keep reading.

Remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Well, they’re back in the big screen Michael Bay style. If you’ve seen the trailers, then you’ll know that they look nothing like their animated counterparts. Regardless, they’re back in 2014 with more ninja action. Question is: is it any good?


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! If you were a 80s or 90s kid and didn’t know about these 4 dudes, then you had a very sad childhood. As a kid, I super loved this show. And why wouldn’t anyone? It’s about turtles who can actually do stuff instead of the traditional slowpokes.


If you were an 80’s kid, then you would know who that lady in the picture is and what her significance is as part of all of our childhood. Know yet?

Remember the first Horrible bosses movie? Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis go nuts as they try to get back at their bosses for treating them like crap. That movie tried to portray what the mainstream impression of bosses were in an office environment. And it was funny as heck. Now everyone’s back for the second installment in Horrible Bosses 2.
Pacific Rim 3 is confirmed. Best news I heard this morning. Of course the second one has to come out first and do well, but director and creator Guillermo del Toro all but revealed what the plot was going to be.
The new Transformers: Age of extinction is out in theaters. Michael Bay is back with another installment of his vision of how robot cars should be like. You may have also heard that the other reviews aren’t being too kind to the movie. But being a transformers super fanboy, I always look at the bright side of things. So here are the top reasons why you SHOULD still go and watch transformers.
There’s apparently some rallying shenanigans happening in the Google offices in Mountain view right now. There are some folks who are demanding for “net neutrality” and asking Google to do more to make the net a better place.
How To Train Your Dragon 2 Movie 2014
Hiccup, Toothless and friends are back for another adventure in How to Train Your Dragon 2. Remember that touching story between a boy and his dragon back in 2010? Well, this is that again but with more dragons and story. Think this movie can recreate that magic?
Tom Cruise. Mech Suits. Emily Blunt. Guns. Groundhog day. Put all of these things together and you have Edge of Tomorrow, a sci-fi thriller from Doug Liman, the guy who brought you hits like Mr. and Mrs Smith and Bourne Identity.
The US PlayStation store is running a limited time only sale with crazy low prices on a bunch of really good games. If you hate good games and love money, then stay away.
Ed Boon and team from Netherrealm just released a new teaser trailer for the next Mortal Kombat game in the series… and it’s glorious. How this trailer ends is just awesome.
Godzilla was a freaking awesome movie. It had too many people messing up the experience since it should just have been Godzilla fighting other stuff from the get-go.
The new trailer is out for Batman: Arkham Knight and it’s awesome. The team at Rocksteady have done an excellent job at making people more and more excited with each new element that they reveal.
1178499 - 22 Jump Street

21 Jump street in 2012 was a fun movie that features 2 newbie undercover cops that went back to high school to try and bust down a drug syndicate. What made that work so well and funny is the awkwardness of pairing a stud (Channing Tatum) and a super geek (Jonah Hill). I really liked that movie and now, both of them are back for 22 Jump Street!
Platform (Android/iOS). What games like Flappy birds have reminded us is that simple games can exist in this day and age. Do 1 thing and do it well and people will like it. And make it free.
The new trailer for X-men Days of Future Past is out and there more reveals in this Bryan Singer film. Some great, some so-so. I'm still excited for this movie regardless.
Animation is really cool. It’s something I’ve really wanted to do for a while now but haven’t had time for. I have wanted to do it since I love thinking up stories but just didn’t have the medium to convey it. Until I saw Source Filmmaker during this holy week holiday.
Pacquiao Bradley 2 Replay

  So while everyone's going nuts over the Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 fight, since I didn't have PPV, I took my lunch and watched something else instead, then just came back to watch the replay. So for those who absolutely have to watch it again now, I found this Youtube channel that showed it. It's a guy holding a camera, but it's the best I could find.

Dragonball Z is one of those shows wherein it’s widely known in the whole anime universe. There are even folks who don’t watch anime who also know what a Dragonball is. There have also been a lot of merchandise for it like toys and lunchboxes for the Dragonball Z fan. But nothing had prepared me for this.

There’s a new X-men Days of Future Past trailer out and this time it shows off the main enemies that our hero team will be fighting. The Sentinels. I wrote about it before on how these big boys were missing from the previous trailer and it’s a good thing the Marvel guys heard the cry of the people.

Valve has given both gamers and non-gamers a really great gift: the gift of understanding. I heard about Free to Play a few months back during The International 3 when it was being shown to a bunch of people in the event and everyone was having good things to say about it. Now it’s finally here and it’s free for people to watch and enjoy.

Looking for a fun game for your mobile device? Here’s one that’s going to be easy to pick up but hard to put down. I picked up this game as part of the Humble Bundle and it has been one of my go-to games during my downtimes.

Coffee with a Canine is a site that features dogs and their owners. I was contacted by the site owner last year and the article finally went up. You can see it here.

There’s a new Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer out. Last time during the Superbowl trailer, I had hoped that the dinosaur was Grimlock. This kind of confirms it.. sort of, but not what I was expecting to see later on.
Remember Gerard Butler’s 300 from a few years back? It had nice visuals, great fight scenes with a lot of slo-mo killing, a ton of blood splatter and half naked guys. Want more of that? Then you’ve come to the right place, because 300: Rise of an Empire brings all of that back. Want the same satisfying storyline and gritty dirty setting feel? Well, you decide.
This is probably the best thing I’ve seen this week and also the best news I’ve heard. Rocksteady studios has brought Batman back in Arkham Knight and this time, it’s next generation! If you’re a Batman fan, this trailer will blow your mind.
Seth Rogen is back to give us some more laughs. And this time he’s brought Zac Efron with him. There’s a trailer out for this new movie called Neighbors and it is something that’s worth looking forward to.

The Humble Bundle team is back with another great deal for the price of almost nothing. For those who don’t know what this is, humble bundle is a charity organization which provides digital games and lets people pay whatever amount they want to get the games. Then if you beat the average, you get even more games. Or you can read more here.
There’s a new Godzilla teaser trailer out. And it shows some more about what the story is most probably going to be about. There’s a lot of tail and plane wrecking action but more importantly, there are some reveals which I find to be quite surprising. I also have some theory on a plot they’re not telling us yet.
I got these Batman, Superman and Marvel Heroes LEGO toys just recently and I wasn’t expecting to have this much fun with them.
The teaser for the upcoming Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy finally went up last week. There wasn’t much story or plot reveal, but on the characters they revealed a LOT. So, do you know who the Guardians of the Galaxy are now?

The boys from Queens are back and I could not be more excited about hearing this news. Vince, Johnny Drama, Eric, Turtle and Mr. Ari Gold are coming back for an Entourage movie.


There are just some movies that you’ll really walk away feeling great. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad, all the matters is that you feel good and satisfied. The upcoming Mr. Peabody and Sherman from Dreamworks Animations is one of those types of movies.

You know that feeling back in the old Family Computer (NES) days where multiple people could control a single character? It was annoying as heck. If you could find someone who can cooperate and play well with you then it was fun, but what it they sucked? It made the game twice as annoying and twice as hard. Now multiply that by a thousand.

The LEGO brand is 80+ years old and after a bazillion toys, a bunch of video games, several spin-offs (yeah I’m looking at you Duplo), they finally get their first full length theater movie! And they got Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the two guys who wrote and directed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. The LEGO Movie also has the pick of any character from the LEGO universe, which is pretty much everything, from ninja turtles, to Ninjago, to pirates, to star wars to lord of the rings to, just recently, the Simpsons. Then they got Will Ferrell and Morgan Freeman voicing the characters. So it’s just a matter of everything being thrown together, then sitting back and watching an awesome movie right? Right?
The glory days of wrestling has to be back during the WWE attitude era during the late 90s to early 2000s. What made wrestling awesome on top of the excellent fights and amazing storyline was of course the entrance videos.
So I finally decided on getting a tablet of my own. It took me this long because there wasn’t one out there that was good enough in my opinion. Well, last December, I saw one that finally lived up to the specs that I needed. Being a Sony product made the choice a lot simpler.

The Superbowl was super disappointing. But at least a few good things came out from it. There was a trailer for Transformers: Age of Exinction which I was looking forward to hate on since I was so disappointed by the previous ones. Until I saw the end.
Yesterday, I started with the Patch analysis for the Dota 2 Patch 6.80. This is the second part which talks about the rest of the other heroes in scope as well as items.
Dota 2 Logo

So the new Dota 2 patch 6.80 is out and I thought I’d talk about it a little. Patches come and go but it’s not every day that you see something as big as this. As more and more people play the game, the team is able to get more feedback and data to determine how to balance it. With over 100+ heroes in the game and increasing, this is not an easy task. So here goes the patch analysis.

UPDATE: Part 2 here
Dota 2 fans rejoice! It was a long wait but he's finally here: The master of disaster. The reflecting ronin. The metamorphosizing monster. The sundering son of the devil. Whatever you may know him as. Probably none from what I mentioned since I just made all of them up.
I’ve been pretty bummed out ever since Capcom decided to move the Monster Hunter series to Ninty platforms. So I have since just stuck with the older games in the series. There’s always that Monster hunting itch that I could never properly scratch though since the older games’ graphics were already dated. I tried other alternatives like Soul Sacrifice but it just never got satisfied. Until now. From the guys who brought us Dynasty Warriors comes Toukiden: Age of Demons. Something that jut might fill that need.
Where are all the dinosaurs? What’s been lacking in the world of entertainment are dinosaurs! We recently got Pacific Rim, which was an awesome gift sent from the heavens. We desperately need more T-rexes and Velociraptors tearing at each other. Thankfully, indie developer Lukewarm Media has graced us with Primal Carnage. While zombies and vampires are all the rage right now, I will always prefer dinosaurs any day.
Bad-Words-Jason-Bateman-1 Jason Bateman is a funny guy and he’s back for more in his upcoming movie, Bad Words. This time though, he’s the one directing. So this should be mighty good stuff.
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