So I Got this 3D Chopper Puzzle


My liking of the anime show One Piece is not a secret. I started watching the show early this year and I'm at 600+ now. So the natural progression is to get into the merchandise. And when I say merchandise, I really mean toys that will decorate my room. I already have quite a few which I wrote about here and here. During my sister's recent trip, she got me this 3d puzzle of the crew's doctor, Tony Tony Chopper. So here’s me putting it together. Or trying to.

This is my first 3D puzzle so I was quite excited and scared since it didn’t come with any instructions at all.. that’s when I realized.. “Yeah, it’s a puzzle.”

I couldn’t really tell if there were any special instructions since, well, I can’t read the box. But it shouldn’t be too difficult I concluded since it’s just a puzzle anyway.


The box came packed with a loooot of pieces. Not One Piece. Boom.


It also doesn’t handhold you as to where to start, so it took a while for me to try and figure out how to begin. But I realized that each piece does come with a number so I kind of got it from there.


The process of putting it together was both fun and scary since it came to a point that I was running out of pieces and I was still nowhere near completing the figure.


There was some suspense in that there were like too few pieces left but in the end all pieces came together. It was very satisfying have each piece snap firmly into place.


The final product is a very happy Tony Tony Chopper. Overall I really liked this product. It was very well made, the details are very nice, the expression is good and it fits very well into my other One Piece things.

I took him to different places so he could satisfy his curiosity.

 Tony-Chopper-One-Piece-3D-puzzle-friend Tony-Chopper-One-Piece-3D-puzzle-garden Tony-Chopper-One-Piece-3D-puzzle-scared Tony-Chopper-One-Piece-3D-puzzle-Santa
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