Toukiden: Age of Demons First Impressions

I’ve been pretty bummed out ever since Capcom decided to move the Monster Hunter series to Ninty platforms. So I have since just stuck with the older games in the series. There’s always that Monster hunting itch that I could never properly scratch though since the older games’ graphics were already dated. I tried other alternatives like Soul Sacrifice but it just never got satisfied. Until now. From the guys who brought us Dynasty Warriors comes Toukiden: Age of Demons. Something that jut might fill that need.

Toukiden for the Playstation Portable and Playstation Vita is a Monster Hunter-like game. You suit and gear up in a hub town then go take quests to kill stuff. Standard monster hunting fare. This one has you set in a more 1800s Japanese style era so the characters speak the language and also look the part.


I only have the demo since the full game comes out Feb 2014. The game starts out with you going up against a really big demon dude. No intro, no tutorials. After which you end up in a town where you’re introduced as the new guy.


The game feels like a monster hunter game. Talking to everyone, making sure you know how to upgrade using your weapon and armor tech tree, farming materials by hunting, having a receptionist give you quests, having a blacksmith, having a mascot creature and more.

There are of course differences as well. Most notably a proper targeting system, being able to see the enemy health bar, having magic and some other minor stuff. This could as well be a monster hunter game. And that makes me happy. I cannot wait for this game to come out next month.

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