[Video] Ok, I’m Excited about Robocop Again


It’s January and that means that it’s the time for CES (Consumer Electronics Show) wherein major hardware manufacturers show off their latest tech they’re not ready to sell yet. There were some very nice announcements this year. But one that kind of stood out was this video.

I super loved Robocop as a kid. ED-209 was the subject of some of my nightmares and I would rush to look for stairs whenever I saw it. The first trailer came out last year and I wasn’t so excited about it. But this one sort of brings back some interest. It’s brilliant actually. The whole viral video doesn’t even mention Robocop at all. Genius.

It's funny to think about it right now, but in the future, there really will be robots. The only scary thing is whether or not it goes out of control or not. 

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